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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love One Another

I heard this all my life....Love One Another.  My parents, church, school, I was reminded of this often.  I have tried my whole life to love others the way I want to be loved.  Sometimes this hard.  But I have learned to never hold grudges, quickly forgive, and love those I could hate with a compassionate heart.  Most days I do not even think about is just the way God calls me to live.  It is freeing, without hate in your heart.  And it is amazing to see all the good around you.

Over the past few weeks, love has surrounded me and my family.  In so many ways, blessings abound through all the junk.  I teased my mom that the rain did not just come but a whole hurricane.  How does that saying go... bad things come in 3's.  Blah!  Don't believe that for a second.  We have stopped counting over here.  But the good news is, with each scary turn, a good thing appears.  Maybe some days it is just a kind word, or being able to lean on one another for comfort.  But somehow the silver lining is visible.

Today at church was a silver lining kind of day!  I am so blessed to go to a church where people care about each other.  They are not just their to hear a message and go on about their own lives.  They are there to find other people's hurts and try to ease them.  To walk with them on this journey and create a support system, a safety net.  What an awesome thing to have!  I just have to say I am so thankful for the outpouring of love shown to our family.  I can't list all my thanks here, because there are just to many people and I would forget someone.

I do want to share about a few girls who I just am in awe over!  These young women help me on Sunday mornings and other times throughout the week at the church.  Over the years I have watched them grow little kids to a better understanding of God.  Their hearts are so genuine and they do not mind sacrificing their time for others.  You do not see this much, and I jump at the chance to say how impressed I am with them.  But to top it off, they went out on their own and had bracelets made for Brooke!  Lovely Little Ladybug Bracelets!  They did not ask, just acted.  They loved on my little lady!  And for that I am grateful!

To all of you...Thanks!


  1. Brooke
    Grandma and Pop Pop love you!

  2. Melinda,

    Do you live in Canton? This is Monica from I was going back through old posts and comments on Danica's page and saw yours--someone from book club said their mom goes to your church. I would love to connect. I just showed Danica Brooke's picture and told her she has Chiari like her. She said, "I want to meet her!" I will send you some pictures of her scar too. Will you have surgery in NY or locally? My email is Send me a note and we'll find a time to talk or meet nad have coffee. Much love and many prayers! Monica

  3. "and" have coffee. I need to edit before I post. ;)