Ladybug Secrets

Ladybug Secrets:
Don't let the small stuff bug you. And Spot new opportunities.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why a Ladybug?

Many may have wondered why I chose a ladybug, and not a butterfly or unicorn or a lion.  Well there are a few reasons why a ladybug is a special animal to me.  First, and the easiest answer, is they are small, delicate, and quite cute (kinda like brooke).  But even though they are small, they have a mighty job...eating aphids off the plants, therefore helping a farmer/gardener.  Brooke too has had a mighty job since she was very small...managing her disease and living each day to the fullest.  For that reason, I think a ladybug fits her very well.  But of course, like all good stories there is another reason, so as my kids always say "tell us a story, tell us a story"....
As many of you know, we just moved.  Moving is not a new thing for me.  In fact as a child, we moved quite a bit.  I have to say I never liked it.  I loved feeling at home in a house, making friends, and not having to leave.  One of the houses I remember well was in Missouri.  My mom and dad remember this house in a very bad light (leaky basement).  But I remember it differently.  I remember my room was huge...most rooms are huge to 4 year olds.  It was yellow, with heavy yellow drapes.  I had a holly hobby bed spread, and the room made horrible noises at night.  So I would creep down the hall and sleep on the floor next to my brother's crib.  Somehow I felt safer being close to him.
I remember a curly head girl that I played with.  She lived on a farm, with real live horses!  I thought they had the dream house.  Her older sister had beautiful long brown braids, and a room decorated in horse ribbons and trophies.  I thought she was amazing...she was probably 8. :0) I could go on about all the amazing memories from this house, my first hamsters, the best babysitters....
Here is where I tell you why a ladybug.  I had 3 very good friends that lived in the same neighborhood.  One of the little girls had the most beautiful willow tree in her back yard.  The branches drooped way down to the ground, creating a thick curtain.  As little girls this made the perfect hiding place.  We would pull back the branches an enter our kingdom!  But the most amazing part of this magical tree, were the ladybugs!  As a little girl I remember hundreds of beautiful red and black ladybugs crawling all over the tree.  The tree just simply had to be magical!  We thought it was, and played endlessly under the shade of its branches.  I was desperately sad when I found out we were moving away.
I never did find such a wonderful place as that tree.  Today when I pass a willow tree with thick branches, I breathe a sad sigh for I wish to go back to that ladybug kingdom just once!  It was free from fear, from the tough realities of the world.  It was a refuge for a group of little girls to play to their hearts content.  This is something I want to provide for my daughter.  A place for her to escape when she is hurting.  The truth is....I can't provide this, no more than my parents could continue living in that house just because I had a really cool tree to play under.  But God can, He can offer her that  refuge I can't provide.  He can wrap my ladybug up in his arms and she can rest assured that no move will ever change that!  What a beautiful peace that brings.  With that hope, I can raise each of my children to know a greater kingdom than will ever be seen on this earth!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you Wishes Can Happen and Ernie's for Building a Dream!

I wanted to post this, but have been slightly crazy with our move!  Brooke got her bike!!!  Look how cute she is!  She was super excited to sit up on it.  She has a little trouble reaching petals even with petal blocks...but she will grow!  What a beautiful gift from Wishes Can Happen and Ernie's Bike Shop!!  I am so thankful to Miss Jessica for turning Brooke into Wishes.  And then what a wonderful program, thank you Miss Carol and Wishes can Happen! Beyond that, we were so blessed to work with Ernie's!  They have a wonderful staff.  They worked with us over and over when the bike did not fit Brooke.  Aidan and Brooke thought it was pretty cool to meet Ernie himself!
For those of you who continue to pray...Brooke is doing good.  She has started first grade, and loves learning.  She tires very easily, so I school her for an hour and she rest.  She does very well when she wears her collar.  Sometimes she likes to test her limits though, and later suffers for it.  Such a hard lesson for a 5 year old to learn.  Brooke is suffering from severe leg and back pain at times.  And we are still dealing with other issues. She was taking piano lessons before we left. (A gift from her grandparents) Brooke really loves music, and it seems to soothe her.  We are still dealing with sensory issues, especially sound.  It is such a blessing for me to be home with her, as she likes to keep quiet and stick close to home.  But Brooke keeps her spunky personality and continues to make us smile, and warm our hearts!  Thank you all for continued prayers!
Tomorrow we get our insurance!  Praise God nothing major has happened in the past 3 months!  Brooke is far behind on medically testing.  So now slowly, as time and money permit, we will make appointments and travel to see neurosurgeon, urologist, and gastro docs.  Please pray that we will find a pediatric doc as wonderful as our beloved Dr Kungle.
This is but a journey, and some days we yearn for home more than others.  So thankful for the people who lift us up on this journey, and to a faithful God who sustains!