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Ladybug Secrets:
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Missing Tooth has been awhile since I posted.  Life at our home has been slightly crazy.  Like any other family, the daily routines can take over and before you know it a week, and then a month have gone by.  We have had some eventful weeks and are happy to say...we survived!  :-)  The big news in Brooke's life is she lost a tooth!  Why is this such a huge milestone for both a child and a mamma?  It is just a tooth!  And yet it represents so much.  For Brooke, she has finally entered the world of big kids.  But for means another one of my babies is growing up.  Of course, I want them to grow, become good, strong adults. A little part of me though, wants to hold onto them forever.

We had another milestone in our family.  The hubby lost his job when his plant closed a few months ago.  He was able to continue with the company out of state for 5 weeks.  But then, that ended as well.  As a family, this is never an easy thing to go through.  And with our past year, it made things a little more uncertain.  But we held onto faith, and sure enough God came through.  I have to say sometimes I just sit in complete awe over the way He works!  If a person is not a Christian, let me share my life, and you will see God's evidence at every turn!

Tim will be starting a new job on Monday.  I can't write in great detail yet.  I can say this opportunity is amazing.  I am so proud of the courage my hubby has had.  The way he has stayed strong, and kept our family ticking is amazing.  He just knew the right job would come.  Not saying that the next few months will be easy.  Whenever you lose a job, no matter how short the time is, you play catch up for a while.  But this is just another hurdle that we will leap over.  If you would pray that our family continues to make the choices we are being called to make.  And that we have the courage and grace to proceed forward.  We have a few tough choices impacting our family.

Another little road block has been insurance.  Yes I was complaining a few weeks ago, and now I just want it back!  We thankfully can get cobra, but will need to carry it for 2 more months.  But with Brooke, there is simply no choice.  We can't afford to have a lapse in coverage.  So thankfully this option is available to us.  And right now, the little ladybug could use some prayers.  She has been doing wonderful, but lately gets very worn out.  Her legs are giving her problems again.  We also need a follow up with her urologist in September and I am not sure if it will be possible. 

Loosing your teeth is inevitable.  So there really is no point in fighting it.  A baby tooth was made to fall out.  Sometimes the process is long, and painful.  Sometimes the tooth hangs on and has to be ripped out.  And then sometimes the tooth just falls out and there is not even a spot of blood.  Ok so bizarre me is now going to compare life with a tooth.  But really can we not all see how our lives go through phases just like a tooth?  The most important things I have learned through loosing my own baby teeth and now watching my children go through it, the teeth will fall out and tomorrow will come even of the tooth fairy does not.  You will be toothless for awhile, soft foods will seem amazing, and then one day, a new set of teeth will pop through.  You may look in the mirror and not even recognize yourself, and yet it is still you...just different.