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Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Grandma wears High Heels and Lipstick

Yesterday my grandma turned 90! 90!!! That is nine decades of seeing fashions come and go, 9 decades of meeting people, 9 decades of a wonderfully filled life. I did not get the chance to be with her on her birthday. Sadly I live many states away. I wish I could sit with her and tell her the impact she has had on my life. The ways she has made me a better person. How she inspires me to dream big and shoot for the stars. I am honored to be her have a chance to be part of her 90 years of life.

Most of my life I have lived a 3 day drive from my grandma. My parents tried to get us there as much as they could. Visiting her was like a dream. She would pull me up close laugh on my cheek, I could smell her makeup and sweet perfume. She made me happy. Grandma is(yes I said is) a Mary Kay sales director. She still wears the pretty clothes, fancy earrings, and always looks stunning. She lives in her own gorgeous home, and has a decorating sense I did not inherit. She loves people and people love her. She can help a girl who feels lacking feel beautiful inside and out. Not by simply applying makeup but by inspiring them to be great. I am pretty sure my grandma is the one who coined the phrase, "A little bit of lipstick changes everything!"

If you know me, you know I am not a makeup girl. In fact my makeup bag has 2 colors of eye shadow, one blush, powder, concealer, mascara, and one tube of lipstick. I did not grow up to sell MK like the majority of my family. But the lessons they teach, the strong women they are did not escape me. I look at my grandma and the 4 daughters she raised. All of them are women I want to be like. Women who are independent, loving, and rock stars in their own ways. My grandma taught us all to find our dreams and to not let anyone tell us they are impossible. To surround ourselves with people who will treat us right, love us for who we are, and help us climb the ladder of our dreams.

I wish more than anything in the world to have had the chance to live close to my grandma. I wish instead of hours and days, I had the chance to spend a lifetime with her. The time I do get with her is a treasured time. My mom and dad flew to her 90th birthday last weekend. My brothers and sisters, and myself, were her only grandkids not there. We all wanted to be there but sadly flying is not in any of our budgets. We were asked to write some memories about Grandma. I am going to write them below. My Birthday Wish is for at least one more decade to spend with my Grandma.

A few facts:
My grandma has 4 daughters and one son. She has 13 grandkids and 14(plus one on way) great grandkids
Grandma used to own 2 roller skating rinks in Texas.
Grandma was a 4-H leader, military wife, and still is a Mary Kay Director.
She has lived in 4 states but loves the mountains.
Grandma is hopelessly addicted to Dr Pepper and pie.
Even at 90 her eye for fashion is pretty amazing.
She is the most stubborn woman I have ever met and I admire this so much!

A few Memories:
I remember eating breakfast on her back deck and staring at the mountains.
I remember sharing an afternoon treat of DP and cookies.
I remember going to the Village Inn at midnight with my grandma, mom, and aunts. We would eat pie and laugh so hard.
I remember loving her home. Before we leave I sneak pictures. When home I can look at pics and remember her, the smells of her home, the warm, safe feeling I have when I am there.
I remember the trip I took in college. It was one of the best times in my life. Her and I spent a week together. We traveled to Wyoming, into the mountains, ate dinner out, watched movies, and shared our lives.

Grandma I love you!