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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

for the love of a friend

i have been discouraged over the past few months. sometimes it is hard to admit when we are just done.  when we need a refresher, a break.  i hit that point sometime last week.  i think the compiling of brooke's health, a job loss, a move, leaving family and friends, and a home left behind just caught up to me.  i rarely get depressed, i just always go.  it is hard for me to stop, but last week i stopped.  it has taken me a full week to even feel like i can go again.  selfish, probably.  but i needed to stop, weep, and cry out for help.  this is not an easy thing for me to admit, and yet, i find myself needing to do this.  

it is funny when we feel at a low point, God reveals Himself so clearly.  i am so thankful for that.  He sends people to just lift you up.  i received a letter from a friend i have not seen in years the other day.  it was a beautiful handwritten long letter.  just the fact that there were pages of writing to me, made me feel loved.  she shared that something i said had helped her!  i sat there realizing how precious words can be.  they can sting very badly sometimes, but they can also bring hope, love, and a fresh perspective.  i was also encouraged by another friend who just offered to drive down and visit with me.  she also is a friend i have not seen in a very long time, but holds such a special place in my heart.  i have also been overwhelmed by the wonderful people at the church we are going to.  they have warm hearts and pray for you when they do not even know the hurt.   then on friday i met a wonderful homeschool group, and i am continually impressed with the athens community.  hope grows, and the joy of being with my children is wonderful.  
one of the friendships that has helped me through many dark scary moments is my dear friend monica.  she has a beautiful little girl, danica.  danica and brooke both have chiari, and although their paths are different...they are on a journey together.  watching the 2 girls together is watching kindred spirits -connected with a special bond.  i love this family for their strength, courage, and complete and utter abandonment to God.  they inspire me each day.  monica has been in pain for many years.  she has set her pain aside to care for danica.  but God has been faithful...just when monica's body could take no more, danica's body began to slowly heal and rest.  monica can now have the surgery she so desperately needs.  i am so thankful for this, and yet understand the heavy burden this brings.  a terrible emotional burden of how can i be a mommy to my children, and a wife.  the what if's that plague a mind.  the endless scheduling of people to help with watching children and meal, and laundry.  and of course the financial burden.  we ourselves can't even catch up after 2 major surgeries, and this poor family has had more than i can count.  and yet their faith and hope remain!  

i am sharing their story in hopes that you may be able to help.  you can learn more about their journey at 
team danica.  they have a place where you can donate.  even a few dollars is helpful.  just something to consider...brooke's one surgery for the doc cost us $45,000.  this does not include the hospital stay, other docs who help, food, lodging, gas to get there and home, and all the tests leading up to surgery.  Many of these docs are out of network, and out of state.  this is the case for monica too.  being such a specific surgery you can't just go anywhere.  many times they want payments of $500 per month.  most families can't even imagine this.  so many expenses but for a surgery that has to be performed.  it is very hard to imagine saying "gosh we just do not have the money. can we do this in a few years."  because the answer is no, you just can't wait any longer.  i know many are unable to help financially, but please pray!  pray for safe travels, peace of mind, doctors, nurses, sanity, caretakers, and children left at home.
i have been sad about many things, and wanted to take a break from fb for awhile.  sometimes when our minds our down, we see the bad and forget the good.  but yesterday i was reminded of some of the good social networking provides...beautiful baby pics right after baby was born, a lovely post by missionaries in haiti, and prayers for my family as well as numerous friends.  i am grateful how God reveals Himself and calls us to hope once more!  my beautiful brooke, her danica, and her monica teach me this each day!