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Monday, May 12, 2014

a break from blogging not life

I took a little break from blogging and I plan on keeping it up.  I just wanted to give an update since I have not posted since our move.  Life has been capital C..Crazy around here.  First the move.  Which I can't say enough how much I love it here.  Not sure the whole fam agrees but everyone is pushing forward.  It is different to live "in town".  We did not have a ton of land but had a lot of privacy.  This house is not making us sick though.  That is the big neon sign news!  There is no mold and where there is no mold...there is a happy mama.  

Right after we moved, Aunt Amy had to come stay with us.  The group home she was in was seriously neglecting her.  She was exhibiting behavioral issues we had never seen in her before.  It was quite the adjustment to have her here.  While she was here, Brooke was displaced to couch and I felt like I ran from one meeting to the next.  We finally figured out the best solution for her and Amy moved into an adult foster care home.  She is doing great and healthy again.  We are still busy trying to switch everything over.  Moving her out of the old home...into our home...and then to a new home was a huge undertaking.  Every box I carried I prayed would not do me in.  Her room in the group home was filled with dust and dirt.  It was so not a pleasant experience.  

3 days after Amy moved out, I started babysitting 2 littles.  I love it!!!  They are friends we met in Athens. Small world, right!?  They now live up here too.  Although by night I am completely beat, having them here is so much fun.  I especially love the cuddles of the tiny one.

Aidan and Brooke are enrolled in school for next year.  Yes I know I have talked about this before but this year is for real!  Promise!  It needs to be.  I have learned one important thing over the years....I love having my kids home with me but I am not a teacher.  So now we play race to catch up before August.  I am a nervous wreck.  I know how much ground we need to cover and the rest of the fam is like "ah it will be fine." It will not be FINE!!!  :) We need focus, learning, and a caffeine drip.

As I said before, I am doing so much better.  I believe it is the combination of no mold, the new medicene, exercise, and trying to eat super healthy.  This does not mean I am "cured". Sorry cure.  I do feel almost 150 times better than before.  I can get through a typical day without crashing.  By night every joint is screaming though.  I am completely off pain meds which makes many nights horrible.  Somehow I push through and manage.  I am thankful for the more energy and the semi better health.  This normally means those around you expect you to be at 100% when really you are only functioning at about 60%.  

So yes I do feel worlds better....but I still can't function the way a "normal human" would.  I still have quite a few limitations.  And honestly I am starting back to my old ways of over committing.  I am not stopping when I need to stop.  As a family we have re-defined the super important things to our fam. Some of these only rate as important due to need.  We are only going to focus on these things.  This means stepping away from many things, saying no to others.  One thing I am stepping away from is this blog.  I honestly do not even enjoy posting here anymore.  It was an outlet when Brooke was so sick.  Now I just feel like it is random words on a page.  I love to write, and want to keep writing.  I will figure out how writing fits, it will just not be here.  I may occasionally come back here to post health updates since we have so many awesome people who pray for us.  But for now...this is it.

Thank you all for you love, prayers, and support.  They have meant the world to us!