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Ladybug Secrets:
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prayers Answered, Prayers Requested

I have not posted in a really long time!  It has been kind of busy here at our home!  Tim's grandma passed away a few weeks ago.  And our family has been busy helping his grandpa and Tim's aunt (who I am gauradian for).  Thankfully many people have been helping us get through this time. 

Before I go any further, I have to thank everyone who helped with the Benefit for Brooke!  It was amazing!  We served 350 meals!  We had over 20 raffle baskets and over 20 silent auction items!!  And the best news is we got the matching funds from Modern Woodmen!  This event was a huge blessing to our family!  Even better, hearing all those people sing Happy Birthday to my baby girl!  I want to post pictures, but I am unable to right now.  Some soon to come!  So many answered prayers!

Our poor little ladybug has had some rough days lately.  She is having a terrible time with headaches and nausea.  The poor stairs have not been her friend lately.  I worry every time she comes down them.  She is having quite a few stomach issues.  Sometimes her legs are so bad, she does the army crawl.  She wanted to try out a dance class.  So I took her.  She was so excited, but that quickly changed.  Brooke left the class so tired and hurting all over.  She told me later she did not want to take dance anymore.  :(  Brooke will get spurts of energy and dance around for a while.  Poor thing quickly fades and is crashed out on the couch.  It is hard to see a five year old with such little energy. 

We go back to NY on the 9th.  She has testing on the 10th and we see her doc on the 11th.  I am praying we get some answers.  My hope is the MRI would maybe show the tethered cord this time.  Then maybe they would approve this surgery.  I have also heard that many people after decompression have a rush of CS Fluid to their brain which can cause various symptoms.  But as time goes on, I am reminded this is a life long diagnosis.  We just have to keep learning new ways to deal with her pain. 

I will post more later.  Long day! :)  Blessings to all our friends and family!