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Monday, August 16, 2010


Yes we left the hospital last night!  So good to walk out of that place with my little trooper!  Brooke is doing well.  In fact, she refuses to take her pain meds. (She hates the taste)  So we have to only hold her down for the valium.  Then she is taking tylenol for pain.  The nurses said she is one of the hardest kids they have ever seen to get to take meds.  We really tried every trick in the book.  It came to just holding her done and getting the meds in as best we can.  The nurses asked if she was stubborn, ummm well yes she is! :)  So now to it up to mom and me.  Fun! 

We will be at the RM House until Thursday morning.  We can leave then.  She will have her stitches and staples taken out on Wednesday.  For now, we are just trying to rest and feel better.  Mornings are the hardest because her neck is so stiff.  She has to do exercises to strengthen her neck.  She does not like them, but is trying.  We are using heat packs to loosen her neck muscles. 

Her aunts and great grandma sent her packge today.  Brooke had so much fun opening it up.  I love to see her smile!  I know we are headed for better days.  My prayers are that they last.  There is always that chance that only the headaches will get better.  Time will tell. 

THanks again for prayers and encouragement.  It is amazing to have our family lifted up!

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  1. I'm so glad you are out of the hospital! It always seems like you feel better when you get out - even if it's not HOME yet. I'll definitely keep lifting you guys in prayer.