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Ladybug Secrets:
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just hangin out here in NY.  Trying to keep a 5 month old and a 4 year old busy.  Brooke is doing pretty good.  She went all day with no pain meds, not even tylenol.  She played barbies, dress up, and made brownies.  But then, she was tired so we came to the room to watch a movie.  She was trying to get on the bed.  Her legg slipped off bed and she was jarred backwards.  I saw the look of pain all over her face.  I wanted to make it better but could not.  She screamed and cried for a long time.  I finally got her comfortable on my lap.  After some medicene and a few hours of rest, we were able to go get some dinner downstairs. 

While downstairs for dinner we met a boy who is here from Russia.  He had open heart surgery one month ago.  He looks great, and is moving around like nothing ever happened.  I look at him and Brooke and so many of the other kids here, and see strength and courage!  One little girl we met had sickle cell.  She became a quick friend to Aidan.  Conversations she had with my mother revealed that she had deep awareness that her life might be short.  And yet she was happy and trying enjoy life. Such little people that try so hard to make their lives normal. I see it also on so many of the parents faces here too.  Many of them are restricted with language barriers, and yet they jump in to help one another make coffee, hold the elevator and so much more.  It is good to see community even where people are complete strangers, walking very difficult paths. 

Tomorrow stitches and staples come out.  Praying that this goes as smooth as possible.  She keeps asking when we can go home.  I hear her!  Boy my bed sounds so nice right about now.  Plus I am missin my hubby and Aidan.  I know the time is coming very soon. 

Thanks again for support and friends who are praying.  It means the world to us.  I know my post lately are a bit frazzled and scattered.  THis is my brain right now, so please excuse.  I want to sound intelligent, but quite frankly do not have the energy!  :) 

A special prayer tonight for my wonderful friend Courtney and her beautiful girl Taylor.  Taylor is having surgery tomorrow in Ohio on her Kidney.  My prayers are with them, for strength and courage.  They have had a rough year and yet, they have remained strong in their faith.  They are a great family, and amazing role models!  Love you guys!


  1. Praying for you all... thanks for keeping us posted on the blog.

  2. Melinda, thank you so much for all these updates I have looked forward to them everyday!!! You are such a wonderful woman & mother. I hope to have half your strength in these next few days!!! Can't wait to see you all!!! All my love to you, Brooke & family!!