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Ladybug Secrets:
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Never Say Never

I have to say when Brooke talks about how she wants long flowing hair like Rapunzel, I am right there with her.  I love my hair long.  All the fun stuff you can do with it, braids, twists, or just throw it up in a pony tail.  After cutting my hair the last time for locks for love, I said never again.  Oh how quickly things change!  Knowing that Brooke was going to have really short hair and a portion shaved, made me realize how silly my hair obsession really is.  I can't take away my daughters pain, but I can cut my hair short to be like her.  And I can learn to not have vanity over something like hair.  So now me and my bug can share something, however small it might be.

Brooke is such a good sport.  I know every snip for her was a struggle, and yet she got through it.  I love her courage, and just her attitude about life.  Everyone has been telling her how cute her hair is.  She looked at me today and said, "I wish people would quit talking about this hair cut.  I know it looks good."  I worry about her sometimes. The scar she will have, the pain she faces, and then she comes back with comments like this.  God made her so much stronger than me!  I thank Him for that.  Brooke is proving that she can handle this, and even with her own little humor.  And I hope she learns to take never out of her vocabulary.  To never regret, never forget, and never say never!


  1. What an amazing little woman! We're praying for her (and YOU!) today!! We love you guys!
    Ps- her hair does look gorgeous short!! :)

  2. Brooke, you are such a beautiful child! Your style and personality shines with short hair or long!
    Melinda, you are such a strong wonderful mother that helped to mold a strong wonderful family! You and Tim have so much to be proud of...your children are a true reflection of great parenting!

    Love, Dori