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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 3- Post Surgery

Well today had some good and some bad.  Good- Brooke sat up in a chair for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  She had her arterial line, cath, and one IV removed.  She got a sponge bath.  We walked over to playroom and painted a picture.  Bad- The pain is still bad at times.  She is getting more energy which means she fights a little more with the exams.  They are starting to switch her to oral meds.  She hates these!  She literally has to be held down, have her mouth squeezed open, nose plugged and medicene forced down her throat.  One nurse commented she had met he match in Brooke.  I said, "Yeah she has a lot of fight in her when she wants to."  But she has to take the meds.  Please pray we can bribe her with something to get them down. 

I was reminded today, while watching "Up" that everything of this world should be held lightly.  Even though we desire our bodies to be perfect, they are not.  They were designed to rely on a higher power.  We have been surrounded today by some very negative people.  It is so refreshing to know that we are be watched over and loved.  It is a blessing to have friends and family.  I am so glad Brooke can have loved ones to wrap her up and lift up prayers in her behalf.


  1. Oh, I remember day 3. Praying every hour for you all. I know it seems like the time stands still. I read this quote today, "I have prayed that the Lord would work His whole will in my life at any cost. And then fears immediately arise in my mind - all sorts of imaginations - of what the cost might be. God gives to us the grace that is needed for each day. We don't need to fear the future or what God might do." E. Eliot I am praying grace and strength moment by moment and healing for Brooke. Much love. Monica

  2. She is such a strong little thing right down to her core. I just wish I could give her a hug and be there for all the family. Aidan is such a great "Big Brother", I would love to be there for him, too. We are sending loving thoughts and prayers your way throughout these tough days!

    Love ya,
    Dori, Craig, Blake & Clint

  3. I'm going to miss these updates for the next few days!! Still praying for you constantly.

  4. Negativity seeps from damaged vessels when they are not constantly refilled with goodness offered by God. Just rest in the knowledge that we know and adore Brooke. Her "fight" is endearing to those who really know her. I love "UP". I really appreciate how Russell is such a surprise alliance for Mr. Fredrickson. Just know that you, Tim, and family have a multitude of Russells praying over you!!!

    Larry, Jaimie, DJ, Brooke & Pryce