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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surgery Day

What an amazing day!  From start to finish things have just gone well!  Brooke was a trooper this morning and marched right back to the OR waiting.  She was a little nervous about the hospital gown.  I mean they are kinda ugly.  But with some coxing and tears, she put it on.  They gave her some meds to make her a little loopy, and I was able to carry her back to the OR.  I stood next to her as they put the mask on for sedation. (the anthesiologist was so cool!  Very kind.) As she drifted off to sleep, we named all the colors of Bubble Gum!  Dr Bolognese helped us and even comforted Brooke by rubbing her legs.  With a high five from the anthesiologist I headed out.  Dr B says to me on the way out..."Wish me luck!"  Funny Guy!

We waited 8 hours, and got great news!  He was able to not cut the c1 vertebra.  He feels this will keep her from having a wobbly head and needing a fusion.  He had to make a slightly larger incision.  But all of her cerebellar tonsils are back in her skull cavity.  He used only a small bovine patch.  He is confident this was a good surgery. 

Aidan was then most upset because he wanted to see his sis.  I told him it just was not gonna happen.  With many tears we made our way down the elevator.  As we step off the elevator, there she is!  Brooke right on her hospital bed!  The anthesiologist called Aidan over so he could see Brooke was ok.  They then took her on the elevator to PICU while Aidan went out of the hospital smiling! 

So Brooke was resting peacefully in her room.  She woke up with a scratchy throat from the tubes.  But then she promptly asked "Can we paint my nails?"  Gotta love that!  Then a little later she wanted to color.  Poor thing she would not even be able to hold the crayon right now.  But at least she is positive!  She looks good.  Her blood sugar is low, but then she has not eaten since yesterday. 

I was super sad to leave her, but Tim is taking the night shift so I can be with the boys and help my mom.  Was kinda questioning leaving.  I get back to RM House and Aidan is having an asthma attack.  Of course I remembered his machine, and meds, but forgot the face mask!  So after a little while my mom and I rigged a way to get a dose of allbuterol to him with his machine.  He is now sleeping peacefully.

Thank you all for prayers.  With these prayers we managed to survive a very hard day!  We truly felt wrapped in love!  I can't imagine not having all of our family and friends.  Aome people might say fate or karma, but here we like to just call it Faith!  And in the end, I had smiles from all my kiddos and my hubby!  Can't ask for anything else! 


  1. I am so happy to hear all went so well, I know God is in control of everything. We are praying for you all. God is good, All the time. Dean

  2. Praise God!! I'm so happy! what a girl to wanna come out of surgery and want to get her nails painted! ~Holly

  3. The resilience of mind that Brooke has is truly powered by the Holy Spirit. I couldn't be happier to hear how God has given you so many answered prayers and wonderful memories during this difficult time. We will not stop praying, we will not stop being in conversation with our Most Holy God on your behalf.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  4. So glad all went well. I have been thinking of Brooke. Hope the rest of recovery goes just as well.
    Jennifer Kungle

  5. I cannot tell you Melinda how very proud I am of you. What an incredible mom - super mom - able to leap into a surgery room to ease her daughter's nerves and treat her son's asthma in a single bound! You are woman and I here "our Lord's lion's" roar! Prayers abound dear - continue to breath in your Holy Spirits strength and peace.

  6. FYI - it was me Jerry who made the post above. :)

  7. Yeah!!!!! We are so very glad to hear that all went well.
    You have been in our thoughts and prayers all day!!
    God is so great! Give Brooke a kiss and hug from us:)
    Jen, John, Madoc, Wyatt, Brady, and Tafft

  8. Praising God for such good news!! Praying that her recovery is smooth and that the surgery saves her from the pain she's been in.

  9. That is such great news! Continuing to pray for you all!!

  10. God is so Amazing! Praising Him for taking such good care of Brooke and the rest of the family! Continually Praying! Love you guys! Melanie

  11. As we were at the hospital all day yesterday I kept thinking of you all and praying for Brooke and the surgeon and every detail of the day. I couldn't wait to get back online to check onyou guys. Praise to our God! Continuing to pray for the days ahead, for healing and for grace and strength for each challenge. Danica has a picture she made for Brooke. Much love to you all. Monica

  12. Love and prayers and hugs being sent your way! So happy to hear how well Brooke did through surgery. The girls and I were praying and wearing our blue lovely ladybug bracelets all day thinking of all of you! Continued prayers on the road to recovery! Love, Miss Terrie