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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roller Coaster

It is always amazing to me how life can be so different from moment to moment.  I wrote a book for Brooke to help her understand the surgery process.  My amazing friend, Adriana, illustrated the story.  We read it to Brooke last night.  She immediately went from relaxed to tense.  Her brother, Aidan, immediately assured her that she would always be beautiful.  But this did not change her sadness.  She walked around for a long time just clutching the book.  Then she sat down by her dad, just holding the book and thinking.  Finally she said, "Mama, I am all better, I promise!" How do you look at your baby and calmly say, "Ah sweetie, it is going to be ok."  Only by the grace of God can you do this.  Otherwise the strength just would not be there.

So this morning, we headed back to the urologist.  To make a long appointment short, he basically gave us nothing.  He will not say she has a neurogenic bladder because he is just not sure.  Although he can't find any reason why she is not potty trained other than this.  So this means after surgery, she will need an MRI with sedation every 3 months to make sure her brain is not being pulled back down.  UGH!  We left the doctor a little down, but we only had 3 minutes to spare before we had to pay $2 in the parking deck and well I only had $1.  So I looked at the kids and said "We gotta run!"  Of course they both want to stop and look at the beautiful wall Miss Adriana painted, but no time for that today.  I threw the stroller in the car and buckled all the kiddos in.  We got to the gate 4 minutes after our hour mark! No marathons for us.  God bless the man, because he let me through.  Although I do not think he was very happy with me.

The rest of the day proved to me that our family is wrapped in love!  This surgery is to big for our family alone, so our family of friends have stepped up in so many ways.  One amazing couple, Dean and Melanie, bought Chiari Unite Bracelets for people at my work.  This moved me more than you can imagine!  Another couple have given us enough to purchase the special pillow and mattress pad for Brooke.  And we have extra to put towards a more comfortable stroller for her.  Others have offered prayers, food, help with medical costs and so much more.  I know they do it for Brooke because she is amazing, but what a blessing!  So if I have not said it lately...Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  My down on the roller coaster went soaring up!

Which we leads me to my next project.  I want to create a scrap book for Brooke.  It will contain pictures of people's scars along with a short little story (preferably one that is safe for a 4year old to hear).  I am going to take the picture and the story and create a book.  I need two pictures of the same scar.  One will just be the scar, and the 2nd will be turned into a work of art.  This way we can show Brooke how God can take our sadness and suffering and turn it into something beautiful! (thanks Miss Jaimie :)) I pray this little book will be a comfort to her before and after surgery.  So if you have a scar and can photograph it, please send me two pictures of it and a short story about how you got it.  Please be positive. :) Thanks!

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