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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cozy Pajamas

Tonight was bath night in our house.  Brooke loves baths!  She says it makes her body feel better.  She always grabs different toys to take in with her, ponies, barbies, polly's.  I never know which.  One thing I do know is to grab the cozy pajamas.  When Brooke gets out of that tubby, she wants to snuggle up in her warmest set!  How wonderful it is to hold your children fresh from the tub.  They smell clean, and it feels perfect to wrap them up in your arms.  You feel like you can protect them from anything...but you can't.

Surgery date is scheduled for August 10.  I want to be that crazy mom who pushes the doctors and nurses aside in the OR, "Move over, Mama's coming in to hold her baby.  You need to find a way to work around me."  How do you stand at the door and let your child go into unknown future?  Ho do you wipe away the tears from their face, and not let your own fall?  I am constantly amazed at the strength God grants us just when we need it. Although I can't hold her forever, I can wrap her up in cozy pajamas!

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  1. I am reading your blog from start to finish tonight. :) You started this blog just before I started Isabelle's. I am only on the second one and have already choked up. I know what you mean about the sweet smell after the bath and at least being able to give her cozy pajamas. :)