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Monday, April 11, 2011

Surgery Day 4 and We are Out!

Wow, so sorry I have been terrible about updating.  This has been a hard few days. Brooke really struggled while in the hospital.  For some reason, she was super sad this time, and I think she thought she was never getting out.  It was very hard to leave her, even to go to the bathroom.  She sobbed a good part of the time and clutched to my hand.  We made some progress on Saturday, but then that night at 8PM they had the brainy idea to move her to a new room.  The children's area is very small and they needed her room for the monitors (since she was now off them).  But she had already gone to sleep and her room was decorated and it broke her little heart.  The room was very tiny...only the bed and chair fit in.  It was also darker and it scared her.  Poor girl did not know what to think.  She kept crying to go back to her old room. 

I also think she was more scared because of her room mates.  Our room mate last time was a real treat...but this time her room mates broke your heart.  She shared a room first with a teen age boy who had some kind of brain surgery and was on ventilator and other monitors.  Brooke kept asking if she was going to have those tubes.  Also she met this precious little baby in the playroom.  He was about Chan's age and was also on a ventilator.  He would perk up and smile at Brooke.  She thought he was very sweet.  She even declared she might marry him!  Once when we were walking the hallway, she noticed that the boy did not have a family with him.  The poor child was silently crying in his crib, reaching his arms towards us.  Our hearts broke!  Brooke said, "Mom I am going to pray for him right now!"  I cried back to her room.  This kept bothering her and she made a craft for him.  Then there was another little baby all alone in a crib.  I think he may have had seizures because he would shake all over.  She just did not understand where their mommy's and daddy's were.  We talked about that and we decided to keep praying for these little ones.  Such a hard life lesson for a 5 year old, especially when they are going through pain.

Saturday and Sunday were hard for her with pain.  Poor thing, just taking a step was painful.  And of course, she hates the pain meds so she was just on tylenol and valium.  The first walk was torture as she stood and screamed she could not do it.  I wanted to pick her up and tell her no problem.  But I did not.  I kept telling her she was brave, strong and she could do it.  Slowly, we made it to the playroom.  Each walk was a little less painful. 

The doc came in last night and said all looked good.  So we left the hospital and came to the RMH.  We are here until tomorrow and then headed to my aunts.  She will have more time to heal before we head home.  Thank you for all your prayers.  This has been a tough road, but God is showing us the way!  I posted a few pics of some smiles we caught of Brooke.  I am sorry if I do not respond to emails quickly.  I am having trouble getting internet service.  And I have to keep chasing Chan!


  1. So happy to see her doing better and out of the hospital. I know the road to recovery is still a long one but hopefully her spirits have lifted since she left the hospital. What a special sweet girl she is.
    Don't worry one minute about not getting back to just worry about your family.
    Love & Prayers,
    The Galloway Family.

  2. thank you for posting, melinda.
    brooke is such a brave young lady. to be able to pray for others in the midst of your own pain, is such a mature and beautiful thing to do. brooke does not waste her pain... she is letting the Lord use it to have a greater empathy for others. she is a special girl.
    praying for you guys.
    (also, please call or write me if you need someone to babysit Chan. i'm home most days except tuesdays and fridays. any other day, i'd LOVE to have him over to play with isaac so you could spend some quality time with Brooke... i'm sincere in this offer.)

  3. Thank u both!
    Colleen- might take u up on that! Thanks for the offer!