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Ladybug Secrets:
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Proud Mama!

We are happy to say we made it out of NYC!  We came to my aunts in NJ for a few days before heading home.  Brooke will have sme time to rest before we drive home.  We met my dad, brother, sister and Aidan here.  Good to have all my kids again!  Now just need the hubby!

I have to say I can not believe my little lady!  Brooke is now off all her meds and walking like a champ.  She has some pain and soreness.  She is also having some numbness in her left leg and it keeps falling asleep on her.  But all in all doing well.

Took her to a salon today to have her hair washed.  She loved being pampered.  Then she wanted to go to Walmart to buy some special gifts for her new little friend at the hospital.  We found a cute light up story and she decorated a t-shirt for him.  Then she wanted a movie to leave at the hospital for the kids.  We took it up to the hospital and dropped off.  She told me while leaving, that her heart was sad that her friend did not have a family.  She told me she would always remember him and pray he found a good place to live.  My heart smiled at her compassion.  Brooke was able to see Miss Michelle one last time, which made her very happy.

Thank you all for prayers and encouragement!  It has helped more than I can say.  Brooke met  new little friend at the RMH yesterday.  She is having surgery tomorrow. If you could keep her in your prayers, Brooke and I would appreciate it! 


  1. Many prayers coming from our home!! The kids say to tell Brooke "happy birthday" even though it's not her birthday. They have been coloring pictures, but kaylee spilled milk on them so we had to start over. :)

  2. Ah Kathy! To cute! She will be happy to know this!