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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Surgery Day 3

Today I'm posting for Melinda. (Hers shoes are absolutely impossible to fill, so I have edited this post 47 times. I hope I can get this just right for her....)Today's been an especially long rough day for Brooke and Mom too.That's why Melinda asked me to update the blog for her. She knows how much we all want to know what's happening, and how at times like these we're waiting to glean any detail, but it's gotten late and Melinda's headed back to the RMH and to her boys who've missed her all day. Daddy's on night duty with his princess.

Brooke is doing as well as should be expected today. She's on track, but she's hurting none-the-less. Please continue to pray as Brooke works hard to recuperate and Melinda tries to keep up. Brooke's doctor will see her again tomorrow. Continue to keep him in your prayers as well so he can make the very best decisions for Brooke and her recovery.

Thank you for accepting a blog post from a stranger today. Melinda would have done it herself if there was a single ounce of oomph left in her tonight. You know it's true. Your prayers are coveted and appreciated. More tomorrow.  ~Julie


  1. As usual, your writing is truly beautiful, Julie Anne.

    I am keeping Brooke in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. We are still praying. Thanks for the update. ((HUGS))