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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not a Sports Family

I have said this many times before...we are not a sports family.  This is something I come by very naturally.  Growing up my family was also not a sports family.  My dad rarely watched sports on TV.  My mom will tell you flat out she really dislikes sports, especially football.  I played basketball in 4th and 5th grade and that was it.  I was a dance/gymnastics girl.  Now I would argue that these are sports, but a ballet mom on the sidelines is slightly different than a basketball mom.  Not that there is not tons of pressure, but in a more passive/aggressive way.  My brother also was not a "sports" guy.  He might argue this fact now, but as a kid we rarely spent time at his sporting events.  Neither of my sisters played sports.  And my youngest brother was the most sports minded with his love for basketball. 

So when scouting out a hubby it was quite important to find a man who would not spend Sunday watching football.  Ah just kidding.  But it happened...I married a man who may be less into sports than even me.  I at least get excited about the Olympics!  We felt it very important to continue this family tradition with our children.  We would just avoid sports at all cost.  The very thought of sitting in the hot sun watching a sports game in the hot sun with screaming people around me in the hot sun.  Yikes!  Oh wait and the rain!  And mud!  Yeah avoid at all cost! 

Sweet cute little Aidan had different ideas.  Right away he wanted to play basketball.  Now I could handle this because of all sports it is my favorite.  Plus it is generally played indoors.  Relief.  But I will be really honest, if Aidan told me he wanted to spin wool I would be on board!  It is funny the things you will endure to watch your child smile and flourish.  I am still not the typical sports mom.  For example, we had pictures done a few weeks ago.  Now this is our 3rd year in basketball.  Aidan wanted to get a small stand up version of himself.  I simply said (in front of photographer), "Yeah I am not going to buy that.  I would rather waste my money on something you need like food or clothes."  Aidan's response, "No problem.  Just thought I would ask." See he gets his mama!  I also am not the mom who jumps off her seat and screams, "Get the Ball!  Get on your Man! Defense! Defense!"  Maybe it was all the years I spent in ballet, but all I can ever manage is clapping and big smiles! 

So as a non-sports mom I sometimes feel bad, perched on my seat next to the big button wearing mama to my right and left.  I am always concerned I stick out with my soft clapping and my quiet "good jobs!"  Should I just let loose and jump off that seat?  Well today I came very close to crazy for my son's team!  I literally drug myself out of bed to take him.  Head pounding and arms dragging on ground, I told myself I needed to be there for him.  I am so thankful I went!  It was the best game he ever played!  The team they played was undefeated.  It was a tough team, heck it was a tough room of parents!  I was literally scared by some of those moms!  Every time our team made a basket, the other team made a basket.  The boys were flying all over the place and working hard.  It was neck in neck the whole game.  I felt myself edging closer and closer to the end of my seat.  As the the clock ticked away they had 24/24.  Only 30 seconds left!  The parents, coaches, and other players were going crazy!  They did it!  They made a basket!  In that moment I felt like a sports mom!  I was so proud of Aidan and how hard he played!  I was so proud of his passion for a game his parents have not taught him much about.  It was one of those moments when you realize you are not your child.  They are a free-thinking independent soul making their way in the world.  As a parent all I can do is cheer them on from the side lines!  So thankful I have the chance to do this every day. 

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