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Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Baby you will be...

Chandler turns 3 today!  How is that even possible?  With all my kids time flies, but with him I feel like I just blinked!  I have held on to so many things with him longer.  I tried to keep him my baby forever.  But it is clear as he turns 3 the baby is gone.  As I write this post he is trying to drive both his sister and brother crazy!  He still has the sweetness that makes him my cuddle bug, but oh has the ornery streak set in!

Having Chan has changed us all!  He adds crazy to everything!  He adds smiles to sadness.  He adds charm to chaos.  His sweet chubby hands on my cheek warm my heart.  His weird funny facial expressions leave us all holding our bellies from laughter.  We never know what he will say or do, and that makes life way more exciting!

As he gets older, I hope to share his Welcome to the World story.  For now I am trying to hold on to him being little for at least one more year! 

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