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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little clarification

I am back to the drawing board...with a new set of symptoms and some of my long lost old ones.  Sadly these past few weeks I have been trying to figure out if my symptoms warrant a call to the doc.  After asking a few people they all told me a definitive yes.  So with tail between legs I must admit I am not "healed".  Not that I ever truly believed I was 100%, but I sure tried to act like it.  I mean really why is it so hard for a person to admit they need help?  What drives us to keep pushing ourselves even when we know the crash and burn is coming just around the corner?  I so wish I could figure this one out. 

I am not sure how many glasses an average person breaks in a lifetime, but I am pretty sure I have broken that record.  My hands have gone numb.  Sometimes I have a vague sense of them.  I can feel them tingling sometimes.  But for the most part I just rub and rub them hoping to get some feeling.  Needless to say I drop things all the time.  My poor hands are red because I can not feel the hot water I am using to wash dishes, and sewing has become quite the task.  Even typing is hard because I am always hitting the wrong keys.  Honestly I could care less about grammar and spelling at this point.  I have also acquired this weird buzzing feeling in my arm.  Feels like my bones are vibrating.  Super uncomfortable.  Then the other night my leg lost feeling and I tripped and fell.  I have been battling massive headaches and now to cough, sneeze or yawn can make me have an instant headache.  Plus I am having this weird pain in my eyes. 

I gave in called my ortho.  He is trying a med to help with inflammation.  But I also contacted Brooke's neurosurgeon.  He wants to see all my scans.  So I am sending them all to him tomorrow.  I really hope there are some answers at the end of all this.  I would love to have a little clarification on what to do next.  Also nervous a trip to NY may be in my future.

For all of you who love our fam, please be patient with us right now.  We may cancel many things.  It is not that we do not want to spend time with you, but honestly I am back to only doing the basics.  We are hopeful as always!  We know this path is not for the weary of heart, and since we are weary we clutch to our God to pull us through.  As always prayers are amazing!!!

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