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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wishes Can Happen Day Two

This day started off awesome!  It was my ladybug's 6th birthday!!!  There are so many reasons why I rejoice on her birthday!!!  My bug is beyond measure one of the bravest girls I know!  I am proud of her, I am amazed by her, and of course I love her beyond words!  So to know that she would get this amazing birthday gift...I was super excited and so was she!

We headed from the hotel to American Girl Doll Store.  The door man was very helpful in telling us where to grab a bite to eat.  He spotted Brooke's Birthday ribbon, and was busy talking with her.  He found out why we were there, and kept saying things like..."oooh my buddy brooke!" and "oooh my little buddy!"  He had a thick accent and it was so sweet how he kept going on and on to her.  :)  He encouraged us to eat at a little cafe in the Water Tower Mall which is where the AG store is.  We headed off, and had a very yummy breakfast.  With bellies full, we started a full day of shopping!  Poor Aidan was not sure about this, but knew the Lego store awaited him if he was good.

Waiting in the Parlor

Brooke's "Very Nice to Meet You!" courtesy

When we got to the store they took us into a waiting Parlor.  Brooke's personal shopper, Kenya, joined us there.  Now I know these ladies get paid to make the day special, but Kenya was awesome!!!  Loved talking to her and getting to know her.  She was helpful, sweet, and fun!  We started by touring the historical dolls.  We learned a little about each one.  For us Addy is kinda the family fav.  We read her books as a fam, and I was excited to see her up close.  Another fav for us is Kit because of course we have seen her movie!  Brooke talks endlessly about Julie, because her Godmother is Julie.  Ah but to my surprise Brooke had other ideas on who she wanted to bring home.  I told her to pick her top 4 and then we would narrow it down.  Kenya went and got the top four picks and we lined them up in front of Brooke- Josefina, Emily (molly's friend), Addy, and Kaya.  She eliminated Kaya since she was worried about her hair getting tangled, and she learned she could buy her blue dancing dress separate.  Brooke had to eliminate one more doll as we decided to only choose 2.  Her first choice hands down was Josefina.  She was not sure then, but we showed her how Emily was called Brave Emily.  This did it!  She wanted a doll who was brave like her. (but I still think Addy is pretty darn brave!)  Kenya took charge of the new dolls, and we set off to look for outfits and accessories.

Josefina (Brooke thinks she is lovely, and I agree!)

Brave Emily

Brooke had a great time trying on clothes, picking out outfits, books, mini dolls, paper dolls, and movies!  I can not tell you how amazing and generous Wishes Can Happen truly is!!!!  It was awesome!  Then Brooke kept lingering around the Girl of the Year Doll- McKenna.  She liked McKenna because she looked like her (in fact their hair is exactly the same color!), because her last name is Brooks, and because she overcame a disability!  So Kenya said, "Would you like to get McKenna, because you can?"  Of course Brooke's eyes lit up, and she said Yes!!!  McKenna then needed her ears pierced and hair done, of course! So we headed off to the doll salon!  Can I just say...Super Cute!  I mean there is a whole little lane of stores within the store- Cafe, restaurant, Hair salon, doll hospital.  People actually have the job of putting the doll in the salon chair, with a cape, and then styling the hair.  You can even choose what style you want for the doll from a book!  Umm only in America. :)  

Sweet McKenna!
Hair Salon

After McKenna had been beautified we headed to the photo studio for the photo shoot.  Brooke and McKenna had their pic taken and Brooke now has an 8x10 memory on her wall!  So feeling tired and a bit hungry (yes it is only 12:30!) we headed to the restaurant.  Brooke was super tired, so we just pushed the adapted stroller under the table and she ate in comfort!  What a fun lunch!  A chair made just for the doll with her own cup and saucer.  We had first course- cinnamon rolls. Second Course- pretzel bites, cheese, strawberries, and veggies w/ranch.  Third course- Brooke and Aidan picked the picnic lunch: mini hot dog, mini burger, and mini mac n cheese.  My mom and I had the quiche and salad! Yum! Fourth course- sugar cookie, heart shaped cake, and chocolate mousse!  They also sang Happy Birthday to Brooke.  

Aidan is ready for the food!
Brooke and McKenna are ready for lunch!
Birthday Dessert!  The flower is in a little pot that has Chocolate Mousse inside!

Aidan was beyond good, so his reward...the Lego Store!  Fun!  After a trip to lego land, we headed back to AG for one last item....which I can't talk about now. ;)  More to come on this.  We were beat!  We headed back to hotel, and saw our friend the door man.  He was so excited to see Brooke and said he was sending a special surprise for her later!  We headed upstairs to take a much needed rest!  After resting, the kids wanted to check out the pool!  What fun.  It was nice and warm and not to deep.  Everyone had a very good time.  I let Brooke swim without her collar.  Which she paid for later, sad to say.  I think we need 2 collars for times like these.  She told me that night that her head felt like it was on backwards, and she could not hold it up anymore. :(  Lesson learned!

Lego Woody and Aidan
Outside Store

After swimming, we headed out for dinner.  Unfortunately, the restaurant we picked was not wheelchair accessible.  So we decided to order pizza at Gino's East(yum!) and ice cream from Ghirardelli.  With food in hand we headed back.  Poor Brooke fell asleep as soon as her PJ's were on.  Then a knock came on the door.  The kitchen had sent up a piece of Chocolate Cake with Raspberry topping, and 2 cream sodas!  Happy Birthday was written in chocolate on the plate.  Compliments of her dear door man friend!  Brooke was sound asleep, so we took a pic and stuck in fridge.  What could be better than chocolate cake for breakfast anyways?!

Brooke and Josefina ready for bed.
Birthday Treat from a friend!

Day two was over and it was beyond words!  Brooke had an wonderful time, and we met some truly awesome people!  How grateful we are!

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