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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wishes Can Happen Day One

We just got back from the Wishes Can Happen Trip yesterday!  It was a very cool trip and have so much to share.  I decided to tell it in three posts.  Each day brought some challenges, but many blessings!  We are so grateful this trip happened and feel blessed by all those who donate to this amazing organization. I encourage everyone who has not heard of it to check it out!

When this whole trip was planned, Tim was working at his old job.  So without vacation time, we set the trip up for my mom, brooke, aidan, chan, and me.  On friday before we left...I was a nervous wreck.  Trying to figure out car seats, strollers, and just how to manage all the kids in taxis and airplane.  Kudos to my awesome hubby as he stepped up and said, "Is there a reason why chan is going?  I mean couldn't he just stay here with me?"  Yes, Yes he can!  Huge relief as I knew he would not like long car rides, plane ride, and walking through a doll store. :0)  So I packed with much less stress!

On Saturday, we went to my mom's house.  At 8:30 a shiny silver limo pulled up to take us to the Cleveland Airport!  Brooke and Aidan were so excited to ride in the limo!  Brooke started yelling when she got inside, "Ah Aidan you gotta check this out!  It is huge and soooo cool!"  It was a fun ride, as the kids were very impressed with the whole thing!  The airport was uneventful, and we boarded quickly.  The kids were not sure about the plane.  The last plane ride was when Aidan was 2 and Brooke was 3 months.  Brooke did not like all the sounds and had me cover her ears for most of the flight.  We landed in Chicago and went to find the van that would take us to the hotel.  The ride to the hotel was very fun, as we passed Soldier Field and Navy Pier.  The sun was shining and Lake Michigan looked lovely!

Grandma and Aidan riding in Limo

Brooke riding in Limo

The hotel was right on Michigan Avenue (Michigan Mile).  We checked in and went to our Big room!  Unfortunately there was a mix up with our luggage and we waited 1 1/2 hours for it to be delivered.  Finally I was worried we would not make it to the aquarium, so I went down and picked it up myself.  Apparently not many people pick up their own luggage at this hotel. ;)  We then tried to get a cab to Shedd Aquarium.  Ok so getting the cab was not hard, but getting a cab that would fit the adapted stroller was impossible!  After 2 attempts, we left the stroller.  We made it to the aquarium and had several fun hours of fish watching!  What an awesome aquarium!  We loved loved the Beluga Whales!  (I will say I was sad at a kid aquarium they had no small wheelchairs.  Poor Brooke was tired about a 1/4 of the way through.  I had to carry her up and down stairs, and a few other places.  Thinking I will suggest to the aquarium they invest in a small wheel chair.)

At Shedd Aquarium

We left the aquarium and went to the Rainforest Cafe.  What a cool place!  Unfortunately Brooke did not agree.  By this time she was super tired, and she was not impressed by the life size gorillas that moved.  She sat at the table shaking and looking cautiously around.  Aidan loved it and we thought if we could just make it through dinner.  Right after we ordered our food, it started to thunderstorm in the restaurant.  This sent Brooke over the edge!  She darted under the table and refused to come out.  Then a giant frog (person in costume) started making his rounds.  I quickly realized we needed to get out of there!  Aidan, being the good sport that he is, agreed.  We asked the waiter for our food to go.  He was wonderful and packed it all up for us.  So my mom and I juggling food, drinks, and brooke, hailed a cab.  LOL It was a sight!  Then of course the CRAZY driver spots us!  We all feared for our life on the way back to the hotel.


Aidan enjoying himself at the Rainforest Cafe!
Brooke looking around cautiously at the Rainforest Cafe (right before she darted under table :( )

Back in our cozy room, we finally ate our dinner, which was yummy! My mom and I split fajitas...Yum!  Poor Aidan was sick and went to bed with a migraine.  He was such a trooper!  Brooke also cuddled up in bed with dreams of her shopping trip at American Girl the next day...her Birthday!  I laid in bed thanking God Chan stayed home with Tim!  Day One Successful!

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  1. I was wondering how the trip went. Can't wait to hear the rest. I hope it got better.