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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wishes Can Happen Day Three

Birthday Surprise!

All good things must come to end...right?  Well we had an awesome weekend, but Monday morning Brooke woke up sore and tired.  She kept saying she missed her daddy and her home.  So it was a good day to go home.  We packed everything up and decided to head out for breakfast.  It made me laugh that every time I asked the Concierge service for a kid friendly place to eat they gave me a fancy restaurant.  :)  I mean that is great but sometimes you just want something simple.  We headed out towards the restaurant they suggested.  Said hello to our friendly door man, and Brooke gave him a big Thank You.  As we were one our way we discovered a most wonderful sight.....Chickfila!!!  We were overcome with Joy!  It was big, with nice wide aisles for the adapted stroller.  They were friendly, of course.  And the food, well Yummy!

Breakfast at Chickfila!

After a nice breakfast, we headed back to wait for our ride to the airport.  Unfortunately there was some confusion at check out and the van almost left without us!  But we caught her just in time.  I could tell Brooke was on a downward spiral.  She cried in the van because everything hurt, the seat, the belt, the noises.  I cringed just knowing what was ahead.  I rubbed her temples gently hoping to calm her.  We got to the airport and checked in- no problems.

Then we headed off to the security checkpoint.  Oh this is where it all unraveled!  Brooke was in the stroller and did not want to budge out.  The one lady decided to not be nice and reprimand me for how I was handling the situation.  Like this makes a little girl any more cooperative!  Then the nice lady approached.  She helped me get Brooke out and through the scanner.  As I walked through, the nice lady said Brooke's collar was setting off alarms.  It needed to be tested.  Sigh!  we walked over to the testing area, and she rubbed a paper on Brooke's hands and the collar.  It was positive(for what I am not sure).  Brooke slid back into her stroller clutching McKenna.  They called in a supervisor.  She also was very kind.  She tried to coax Brooke out of stroller to do a pat down.  She also informed me to not touch Brooke. This made Brooke even more nervous and she hid behind her doll.  No amount of coaxing would work, so they called in a lady who had a daughter Brooke's age.  She talked to Brooke for a long time, still no budging.  When I say my girl is stubborn, I mean every word!  They both told me in all there years they never encountered a child who would not cooperate. I told them she had been through so much and was just scared.  I then said we were going to just have to lift her out of the stroller, I would hold her and they could pat her down.  They gave me a funny look and the one said, "Well we do not like to force children."  I then calmly told them if we were going to board the plane it had to be done.  They then told me I would have to be patted down because I touched her.  Oh why not!  I mean really the day was not exciting enough!  So I held her up and they patted her down.  She wriggled and kicked in my arms, screaming the whole time.  Hot tears rolled down my face.  I think the most horrible part... as I looked up for a moment from holding her thrashing body, people (employees) stood and stared, mouths open.  In my mind I thought, if you only knew!  As we walked away my little man looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked why they had done that.  I then had to explain that there are horrible people in this world who would use a child to do very bad things to hurt others.  Those ladies were doing their job to keep us safe, even if it did not feel that way.  It is a necessary thing we have to do.

Thankfully Brooke could rest in the stroller after this.  Our flight was delayed by an hour, so we waited.  The plane ride home was a little bumpy but otherwise uneventful!  Thankfully!  Brooke of course kept my hands over her ears for the flight.  What a wonderful site to see the limo!  What a wonderful company, and men who drove us!  So thankful for their service.  I truly am grateful to Thomas Limousine Service!

We had a wonderful time!  Brooke loves her dolls and made memories she will never forget!  Although some days seem like an uphill battle, we are so blessed!  Thank you Wishes Can Happen for the wonderful bike, trip, AG shopping Spree, Aquarium, and so very much more!  Thank You Lisa, Madelyn, and Cyndi!  Without you all Brooke's Wishes would not have happened!  Thank you Miss Jessica for sending in Brooke's name!  And thank you to all who have donated to this wonderful organization!

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