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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I truly believe in the saying "It takes a village to raise a child."  I also strongly believe in community.  This week we saw our little community in action!  Tim was admitted to the hospital late Wednesday night.  He had a raging headache, lots of pain and swelling in his face, and was having trouble walking.  We had no idea what was wrong, and neither did the docs.  They thought it might be an abscess on his tooth that had spread to his sinuses and possibly brain.  Of course we were very nervous about this.  They started him on 3 heavy antibiotics and pain meds right away. Thursday was miserable for him.  But thankfully by Friday he was turning around.  They released him on Saturday.  Even as they were releasing him no one knew what was wrong.  The Dental Surgeon said it was not an abscess and the Neurologist felt his brain was fine.

What blows my mind is how our little community made our 3 days in the hospital easier!  My parents, as always,were amazing!  They took the kids without a second thought.  They ran and put money in our bank account because they know we are literally pay check to pay check.  I had lunch delivered by an amazing friend who should have been home resting in her own bed!  She sat and talked to me in the Mercy waiting room as only kindred spirits can do.  I had another friend show up with Dr pepper, Starbucks and magazines for me.  We stayed up chatting as we always do!  Another friend helped my mom by giving her a break from the kiddos.  And yet another friend texted me to say she was coming to pick up Ranger so he would not be cooped up in a kennel.  Amazing!!!  Then hundreds of people prayed and prayed!  Even though we were not sure what was going on, we took comfort in all these things!

Tim and I have decided retirement, kids college funds, and cool family trips are not in our future.  But we marvel at the awesomeness of our lives!!!  We had long hours to chat and joke with each other in the hospital.  We shared several meals together and held hands. We remembered the importance of our marriage and just being together.  Just loving the moments even the really bad ones.  Seeing how we are loved and cared for by our community is heart warming and humbling.  It causes me to look to my Father and know He has covered us in His Love.  Even in the moments that seem impossible (like sleeping in a hospital recliner with no pillow after having neck fusion 6 months ago) He gives us the strength to push forward!  I am constantly amazed!

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