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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

We were invited to the Wishes Can Happen Easter Egg Hunt today!  The kids were so excited to go, but of course we could not start the morning off with Church.  Oh no, we had to start it off at Stat Care. While at a Birthday Party last night, Aidan injured his pinky finger.  It did not look great last night...but I wanted to wait until morning to see if it was just a sprain.  This morning he woke up with a very swollen, black and blue pinky.  We headed off to stat care to find out it is broke and not a clean break. Boo!! So we have to see a specialist.  I am really hoping we get in, since we head off to Iowa on Tuesday.

On to the fun part of our day, and no broken pinky could stop us!!  We have already been so blessed by the Wishes Can Happen Team!  First an amazing adapted bike for Brooke!  Then an awesome wish trip to Chicago to American Girl!  And now a fun day at Miss Madelyn's home!  She turned her back yard into an Easter Extravaganza!  I could write about all the fun stuff or I could post some pics.  I think the pics tell it better than me!!!

Painting Ceramic Eggs

Mr Cool

Brooke and Izzy the Donkey

Yes sliding with a broken finger!

Brooke loved the Bunnies!!!

Obstacle Course

You really can't go wrong with Cotton Candy!

Even Face Painting!

Chan loved the day too!

Egg Hunt in Full Swing

My little Easter Sweeties!

We have been blessed by this Wishes Can Happen.  We are so thankful for all they have done!  Thank you Miss Madelyn, Miss Lisa, and Miss Sydney for making this a special day, and blessing us with great memories!  It helped to take our mind off this upcoming trip to Iowa!!!  

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