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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Twinkle Toes

Brooke has wanted a pair of sketchers twinkle toes for awhile.  I have not given in because they are very expensive and this girl has a pile of shoes!  Of course grandma decided she needed some light up sneakers! :)  So she bought her a cheaper version of Twinkle Toes.  Seeing Brooke open the box and tear them out giving them a hug, warmed my mom's heart.  She was so excited to wear them and make them light up.  If she could, she would sleep in them. 

It makes me remember the smiles when Brooke would receive a special gift at the hospital.  One of the really fun times for her and myself is when a special package was delivered to the Ronald McDonald House from her aunts.  Brooke pulled out one thing after another from her package.  Each item brought a smile. 

Now I know that "things" are not what is important.  And Brooke knows this too.  But when you are facing scary things, a smile can make all the difference in the world.  And our family knows this very well!  Even in the saddest moments, a smile helps the hurt feel better. 

Our family also has seen many children not have the smiles they need to get them through.  They either do not have the family to be there for them, or something else keeps that smile away.  Brooke and Aidan decided they wanted to help some children to have a smile at least for a short time.  They want to send special packages to children in the hospital.  Many people donate to the hospital, and I am so thankful for this!  We just want to do our part.

Here is the plan....We will collect dollar items, special little toys, and cards/well wishes.  Once a month we will send a boy package and girl package to the hospital.  Our dear friend Miss Michelle will find a child who needs a little cheering up.  She will write their name on the package just like it was mailed right to them.  Our prayer is that these Packages of Joy will bring some smiles. 

Will you help us?  We could use donations, as well as hand made cards.  I am going to create a new page on this blog to explain Packages of Joy.  We hope we will be able to send these to hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses all over!  Tell your friends...have them follow this blog for updates on how they can help!  I am so proud of Aidan and Brooke.  They know the power of spreading JOY, please help us to do this!  So many of you have spread JOY to our family!!!

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