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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Set Backs

I should have known when I crashed my head into the wall while chasing the dog, this day would be interesting!  I guess I just figured the day had to get better, said while seeing stars.  Left the house 30 minutes late and slightly dazed.  Had to drop something at a friend's house, before all the errands.  So I am driving there and Aidan says, "Mom where are you going?"  I had passed their road by ten minutes and was headed toward Sandy Valley!  Second Clue!  As I was driving I passed a church sign that said, "Don't let the trying times make you quit trying."  Ok third clue.

After finding out we had no reservation at the Ronald McDonald House and they were closed for maintenance, I was concerned about our doctor appointment and MRI's.  I had called TCI over the past weeks and left numerous messages, but had never received the times for MRI, just doc appointment.  I called again, and left more messages.  Finally, mid morning I got a human.  I asked and she informed me that we did have the doc appointment on Friday, but no MRI's were scheduled?!  Seriously frustrated, I asked if it was possible to schedule them now, considering I was leaving tomorrow to come.  She told me it was highly unlikely, but she would try.  She promised me she would call me in an hour. 

I went to pick up the rental car.  They informed me they did not have the midsize I ordered, but they had several compacts.  I told them I needed the midsize because of three kids seats.  They said well they did not have any but they would give me a deal on the compact. Umm, I just stood there.  What exactly was I supposed to say?  No that will not work, I really need a midsize and I ordered a midsize.  Blank stares.  Just then another worker walks in with a returned midsize!  Amen!  Could my day be turning around?

I go back to my mom's house waiting for a call from the doc office. 2 1/2 hours has passed.  I call back.  "Is this the lady who keeps calling?"  Ugh yeah that would be me.  "The girl you were talking to stepped out."  Ok, do you think she might get back to me today, since I need to leave in the morning?  "Um not sure." 

So my head is pounding, and I just crash on my mom's couch with Chan.  We take a nap.  I wake up to realize it is 3:30!  Only 30 minutes and the doc office will be closed.  I hurry up and call back.  Thankfully the girl is in and she confirmed they can do the MRI, but she is not sure about sedation.  She says, "Gotta call the hospital to confirm sedation.  I can call you back, or you can hold."  Yeah I will just hold.  So I do and she comes back to inform that it is all set up!!!  Hooray.  "Oh and by the way, you need a letter of clearance from your pediatrician."  But they are going to be closed in 10 minutes, and I leave first thing in the morning. "Oh well I am sure it will be no problem for you to pick it up."  Really??  Thankfully, I am pretty sure our ped can fax a note to the hospital, so I will deal with that tomorrow.

We are packed and ready to go.  Have to stay in a hotel this time, and can I just say I am totally freaked out about the bed bugs!  My mom watched a video on what to look for.  I know, I am probably overreacting, but it is so expensive to get rid of them.  Brooke is sad she will not be able to visit RMH, but she is excited to see her beloved Dr.B. 

Tonight while packing, she comes up to me in a play voice and says, "Taking your daughter to New York?"  Yeah I say, she has a check up, but no surgery.  "Oh that is good, she is kinda sad she still has that scar though."  I say- You know what, when I see that scar it reminds me she is one of the bravest little girls.  Big smiles and a kiss on my cheek.  Then Brooke bounces off, comes back with her own voice, "Mom, I just met this girl who said I was brave like a super hero because I have this scar!"  Man I will take all these set backs and hundreds of days like this to spend even a second more with this girl!!!! 

Thanks for the prayers and love, we are feeling it!

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