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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Curse Turned Blessing

In our fam we HATE Chiari!  I know hate is a super strong word.  In fact so strong, I tell my kiddos not to use it.  I mean we are called to love...but when it comes to this awful illness I think hate pretty much describes how we feel.  It has robbed our fam of some pretty important things- finances, time, vacations, and many everyday activities that most take for granted.  Yesterday I was reminded of a reason to see a blessing in the curse!  I witnessed 3 little girls and one young man posing for the camera with big beautiful smiles on their faces!  My heart was warmed as I looked on these faces of courage! All 4 of these kids have Chiari, each fighting their own battle, but embracing each other with love!

Yesterday a sweet friend, Colleen Shawk from {we love your love} photography, took pictures of 4 chiari kiddos (2 of them mine).  I probably would not have met Colleen had it not been for Chiari.  She has generously snapped my kids photos over and over again.  Every time she has captured their innocence and the special traits that make them them.  She donated her gift yesterday to take these pics.  We rounded up 2 other little girls with Chiari here locally.  They just happen to be 2 of Brooke's closest friends.  Why?  Because Brooke knows they understand.  They would never dare make fun of her challenges.  They understand if she needs to stop and rest when playing.  And they are blessings who we never would have met had it not been for Chiari.

I can't wait to see these amazing pics!  The idea was to use these pictures to raise awareness about Chiari.  It is also to tell everyone about our Unite at Night Walk on June 21 at Price Park.  We would love for you to be a part of this Walk!  If you want to learn how you can help go here.  Join our Team!  Help fight for Aidan and Brooke (and all the sweeties with Chiari!).  Help raise funds, or just come to check it all out!  All the proceeds will go to CSF to help find a cure and spread awareness.  A nice evening walk in June....does that not sound lovely?  Bring your kids, bring a loved one, walk your dog....just join us. We want to show others how something we hate...something cursed and awful....can bring many blessings!

Oh and of course pictures to come!!!!

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