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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just a Little Update

Well it is over!  The surgery is done!  Almost a week after, and I finally feel well enough to sit up and write.  Even though I have a tiny bit of strength, my head is spinning.  I truly did think...."Ah I will not need that many weeks to rest and heal!  I will just push through it!"  The cold hard truth...this is brutal!  But on the other thankful I had it done!

To start out, Tim and I had a nice drive down to Cincy last Sunday!  I can't even remember when we had spent that much time with each other without kiddos. :)  We talked about old, new, and future dreams.  We shared french fries, he laughed at many of my silly quirks, and of course I pointed out ever state trooper on the highway. (even though he was not speeding...they make me nervous!)  We held hands and he comforted me, he knew I was scared.  The hotel was peaceful and bed time early!  It was so nice to sleep!!  If you are not a parent of young comment!

Monday we arrived right on time, and everything went fairly smooth.  I had to tell my story a million times, and all the docs and nurses marched through.  My parents, Tim, and my brother came to wish me love and wait.  They gave me some meds to help with nausea and valium.  That was the last thing I remember!  I do not remembering operating room or recovery.  I was out.  I woke up with a start in my hospital room, asking when surgery was.  I thought I had just dozed off.  But it was done and successful.  We settled in for a few days in the hospital.  Now I had been told the hospital was nice, but good grief!!!  It was like staying at a very nice hotel!  The rooms are huge, and super clean!  Everyone was amazing!!  My one nurse Jacquie won the award for best nurse I had ever had!  In fact, Tim thought I made a new BFF. I also loved my OT and PT ladies!  It was so fun to chat with them!  They treated me with respect, and knew what was wrong!  Refreshing to have people hear you and actually accept and understand your diagnosis!

I hit a few little road bumps.  I developed what looked like a really bad sunburn all over neck, face, chest, and upper arms.  Once I quit taking the morphine it went away.  I also had a couple infections, but they gave me several doses of IV antibiotic, and they are better.  We were able to leave on Thursday, and the ride was amazing!  Very smooth and felt pretty good afterwards.  The past couple of days have been harder.  I think I have tried to push myself too much here at home.  Have lots of trouble with vertigo, and also pain.  The steroids I believe are making me super hot and flushed.  I also am stopping the muscle relaxer because it is making all my other joints pop out of socket.  My biggest thing is I need to rest!!! I am yelling this at myself right now!  :)  If you would pray for me on this!  I want to hurry and feel better...I want my kiddos to be snuggled up with me again!  Once again I am working on patience!

Thank you so much to all who have helped!!!!  I can't even begin to name everyone!  But thank you for meals, staying over night with me, visiting me in hospital, visiting me at home, cleaning my house, keeping my kids, helping with so many things, and endless prayers!!! You are amazing, and we are blessed!!! Thanks again for everything, and I am fairly certain this has many typos as I am heavily medicated!  So no gross pics of incision...but here is one of my poor IV arm. :(

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