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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Day

This is going to be a quick update post because I am too tired to do more.  I know many of you having been praying for my upcoming trip to see Dr Henderson.  On Sunday, Tim and I discussed how hard this trip would be on use financially.  And also on me physically.  I am really just not up to traveling like that right now.  I told Tim I was going to email Dr B (Brooke's doc) and see if he responded.  So on Sunday night i sent Dr B all my scans and a short email with my plan for surgery.  I told him I just wanted to be sure from a neurosurgeon that I was on the right path and there was no chiari.  I also emailed him about Aidan and his increasing headaches.  Poor guy has really been struggling.  Not long after I received a response! (As far as i am concerned, this doc is amazing!)  He first addressed Aidan's headaches and said he wanted more scans done.  Basically he wanted the scans I had done.  Then he told me that he saw no Chiari and I was on the right path.

This email really encouraged me to push forward.  It also helped Tim and I to decide to cancel my trip to Maryland.  What a relief!  As much as I wanted to meet the amazing Dr H, I was not sure it was where I needed to be.  I have a second opinion now and feel confident in this decision.  So my surgery is scheduled for September 24 in Cincinnati.  The scary part is I am not supposed to do any lifting, driving, or much of anything else for 4 to 6 weeks!  Yikes!  I have to make this work!  There are no do overs when it comes to this kind of surgery.  I have to be strong and fight the urge to control every little detail.

If you could please pray as this is a very scary road.  I know the surgery has the potential to help my neck and head.  I also know I am losing the feeling in my legs very quickly.  One minute they are completely numb and the next they are searing with pain.  I am trying to walk, but stairs are very hard as is long distances.  I am not sure if I will need to resort to a cane soon.  My heart is sad, as I feel my body slipping away without my control.  And yet I feel so thankful for what function I do have.  i am seeing my doc tomorrow about the costochondritis.  It is becoming hard to breathe.  I hate complaining so I am very sorry if this is how it sounds!  I am mainly asking for prayers.  I will write in more detail soon!  I am not proofing this at all, so sorry for mistakes!!!  Thank you for all of the prayers and support!!!  They mean more than you could possibly imagine.

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