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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Day

Many of you know that we are relocating because of the hubby's job.  I have to say the past few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions.  So much of me wants to stay in my safe haven here locally.  But the other part of me is excited for a new, fresh start for our fam.  I know where ever we are, God has a purpose for us.  This is just a small journey, and I am thrilled to share it with my hubby and kiddos.

I am sure this post will be scattered because my mind is drifting in many directions.  We only have 2 1/2 weeks left here.  I wish I could spend every minute of that time hanging out with those I love and treasure so much.  Unfortunately my days are being consumed before my eyes.  Today I spent most of the day on the phone, one bill collector after another.  Sometimes I would find someone nice, and I actually found myself chatting away with them.  I am simply blown away by all the time and effort that goes into moving a household- transferring services,  finding a truck to move, finding people to move, packing, finding a home, dealing with the current home, and doing most of this alone since the hubby is working long hours.  My heart goes out to all those who have to move often!

Even though I am not originally from this area, it has been my home for many years.  My kids have never lived in another house!  This will be my 10th house.  My friends live here.  My family lives here.  My favorite parks are here.  On one hand I am over the moon to be a stay at home mommy!  To home school and sew everyday! Maybe even get to teach a dance class!? And then I am scared...who will have coffee with me?  Who will just listen when I need a friend?  Who will pick me up when I fall, and just need a hug?  Yes of course my hubby, and children.  Yes of course, God is my rock.  But ladies, is it not comforting to have that friend who just gets it!

There are many unknowns for us right now.  I pray for certainty, but that is not something of this world.  Right now, we pray for our house to sell, and our van to sell.  We pray that financially we can get through.  Having gone through 2 major surgeries and a job loss in the past year makes the road rocky.  But we have traveled many rocky roads.  And I need to not ignore Brooke's health anymore.  Once we have insurance, we have so many things that need done.  She needs to see the urologist for testing.  And she needs a follow up MRI.  I watch as her headaches become more frequent, and she is taking more naps in the afternoon.  I watch as she begins to choke on liquids again.  I thank God we live in the US and have wonderful medical care.  But my heart aches, because the cost is still very great.  Now we will need to find new docs who will understand Brooke's journey.  And I find myself kicking, and screaming.."But I do not want to find new docs!  I like the one we have!!"  Is canton to far to drive for a Ped?

I told you I would be all over the place tonight!  Sometimes it is good to ramble a little!  Please pray tonight for all those who suffer.  I look at Brooke, and amazed at her brave little self!  I am so thankful God gave us the chance to witness her life, and so many others!

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