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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something to Learn

I wanted to write this post to help other families.  I have tried so hard through all of Brooke's medical ordeal to do the right thing.  But today I found out somewhere somehow I messed up.  When we decided to go to Dr. B we knew he was not in our network.  But we truly felt he was the best doc for Brooke.  At that point I contacted our insurance and they agreed with us and issued a letter that stated we could see Dr. B as an in network provider.  Then when we found out that Brooke was going to have a tethered cord surgery, I called the insurance and they approved the hospital as in network.  Then that surgery was cancelled and the brain surgery was scheduled.  At this point, I called the insurance back.  They informed me I would not need a new letter because once the doc and hospital are approved as in network, we are fine.  Then before the tethered cord surgery, I called again just to be safe.  I got the same response. 

Well I found out today I was given the wrong info.  And even worse they have no record of the letters they gave me.  I became not myself on the phone, and am sad to say I yelled.  I let my emotions take over, but I was so mad!  I do have copie sof the letters and I am going to send in an appeal.  The ladies I spoke to basically said it wold not help.  I am going to try! I wish I could say this is really not that big of a deal, but we are talking around $70,000 versus maybe $7,000. 

The good news I talked with the hospital and we did qualify for financial assistance.  Which means they cut the 6 bills we have with them down.  They can also probably help with some of the doc bills.  This is a huge help and I am so thankful.  I wanted to post this so all those who are facing surgery, cover your bases.  I would suggest getting a notebook.  Write down all conversations with insurance and docs.  When they ask you your name, ask for their name too.  Write down the dates of conversations.  I keep a binder of all medical records for each child.  Even when doing all this, mistakes still get made.  You will find those shining stars who want to help you.  They actually care what you have been through.  Do not get me wrong, I am very thankful for insurance and can't even imagine not having it!  I just want people to make sure they cover their bases.

While sitting at dinner tonight, Aidan said "Mom why do people rob others?"  I explained that some do it because they need money, others to hurt others, and others have different reasons.  He said, "I think it might because they want to get rich."  Brooke answered with "But that is not what is important, God is."  Which Aidan replied with, "Yeah God wants us to store our treasure in heaven."  I smiled.  I know that I have an important job.  It is not to be rich or provide designer clothes for my kids.  It is not to fret if we eat unhealthy once in awhile.  It is not to lose my temper and become frustrated by craziness around me.  My job is to make sure my kiddos know how much they are loved and this is not our home.  That we are on journey to become closer to God and spend an eternity with him. 

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! That's awful! I'd have yelled too, and demanded to talk to the owner of the company! Praying they will accept the appeal. How awful!