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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Unsung Heroes

This blog is dedicated to my little lady Brooke, but I have 2 other amazing kids!  I decided to write about them tonight!  Aidan and Chandler are my 2 little heroes!  God knew exactly which boys this family needed.  Each day I am amazed at both of them.

Chandler.  His name means candle maker.  That might seem like a simple meaning, but it is not.  A candle maker brings light to a dark room.  And that is my Chan!  He can light up any room he is in.  Tim and I tell each other all the time what a happy baby he is!  And he does not mind that in his first 7 months of life he has been carted to numerous doctors appointments, tests, and all over the US.  Chandler was not a bit upset in NY.  He was fine to come up to the hospital to be fed and then go back with Grandma.  Each day I watch him grow and play, and feel so blessed he is my son!

Aidan.  Well if you have ever met this boy, words are hard to find!  Sometimes I think he is a 90 year old in a 6 year old body.  He is my sensitive one, and thank goodness for that!  He is there for his sissy whenever she needs him, and his mom too!  The other day Brooke was having a major meltdown.  I had her, the stroller, and Chandler in the stroller.  I knew I had to carry her, but how?  I did not say anything, trying to work it all out in my head.  Aidan looks up and says, "Don't worry mom, I got the stroller and Chandler.  You get Brooke."  Ok so I have tears just writing this.  Even in a moment where I feel stressed, my 6 year old saves the day!  Aidan has saved many days!  He also offers comic relief.  He really is hilarious.  Not sure if you are just super funny at 6, or what, but he keeps us all laughing.

I know all this is hard on my boys.  It is hard on Tim and me, so I can only imagine.  But they are strong little men, and I am so proud of them.  Each of them bringing their own special gifts to our fam.


  1. Love this! I was thinking of Aidan then other day. He is an old soul. Always praying for EACH of you and you continue on this journey. Mailing your bag today because the post office is an easier choice at this point. ;) LOVE.

  2. If you do not make it to PO I can pick up this week. Brooke has something for Danica. Prayers for a safe journey. Hope to see you Thursday. :)