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Monday, September 20, 2010

Makeovers, Friends and Answered Prayers

The MRI's came back fine.  So this is good news, right?  Our pediatrician probably wondered by my response today what was wrong with me.  She told me the MRI's looked good, and the they showed no evidence of a Tethered Spinal Cord.  I said, "Oh no!"  OK terrible mom!  But I am just so uncertain as to what is causing all this pain in Brooke's legs, and why she can't potty train, and many other things???  You never want anything to be wrong with your child, the problem is something is wrong.  I just feel like we are not getting all the answers we need to help Brooke.  So now I will wait to hear from the neurosurgeon on the next steps.  In the mean time, we just have to help Brooke cope.

Yesterday Brooke asked me if I wanted a makeover.  I told her sure!  So she gave me a full makeover with pretend hair wash, trim, blow dry, and style.  She even did my makeup.  While she performed the makeover (which I desperately need!), we chatted about life.  It was funny, just like a real salon.  Polite small talk.  Brooke asked me if I had daughter with Chiari.  I told her yes.  She told me she had a daughter with Chiari too.  She said sometimes it was hard for her daughter.  Her daughter was tired a lot.  I told her so was my daughter.  She said, "well maybe sometime they could meet?"  As I sat there I realized what a grown little 4 year old I have.  Brooke is dealing with life situations that most adults can't handle.  I get tired everyday from just normal life stuff, so why would she not be exhausted from normal life stuff!

This conversation also made me realize that she needed a person to connect to with Chiari.  Yesterday we went to a birthday party for another little girl with Chiari.  She is turning 3 and about to face another brain surgery.  She is cute, dainty and as strong as Brooke.  When I look at her, I see Brooke and my heart aches.  I on one hand am so thankful that my daughter has a friend she can share this journey with.  But on the other hand, I am sad for her family that they too have to endure this horrible disease!  Yet they also trust that God will pull our little ladies through this.  That He will make us all stronger and our faith more resilient.

Prayers are answered in so many different ways.  I still may not know what is causing all the problems for Brooke, or even how to fix them.  But day by day we are adjusting to this new normal.  Our makeovers are not in a posh salon, but in our own cozy bedrooms.  Our new friends may also have to endure pain and heart ache, but we will all hold each other up along the way.  So here we go...we are gonna keep on trekking!

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  1. This made me cry. So glad you were able to come yesterday. I thought of you so many times today--when Danica would get tired easily or act out for no reason--I know you know. I read into everything but don't want to miss something important. I know God brought our lives together for a special reason. Love to you all. Praying grace for each moment and rest for you tonight.