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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beyond Belief

Ok so this title really has nothing to do with anything, but Aidan is listening to this song in the other room and I am not creative tonight.  We have felt so blessed for all the wonderful meals, and help people have poured out on us.  It really has been a huge help.  After my last post, I think people were worried I was a little down and out.  But I am happy to report my self pity party is over.  Nothing a Dr Pepper and brownie could not fix.

Moving forward though, Brooke's neurosurgeon agreed the behavior is not normal.  So now we have to go get an MRI and Blood work.  She also is now complaining about pain around the incision.  We can no longer put things over the head, unless it can go up her legs.  Plus her leg aches are much worse now.  And just tonight Tim and I were discussing that we have noticed some regression in her behavior.

We have a follow up in NY 3 months after the procedure.  I can't believe on Tuesday a whole month will have gone by.  I am hoping to know more after these next few tests.  It really is Beyond Belief how far we have come!  Well ya knew I had to throw it in there somewhere!  Gotta be a little Cheesy!

The Chikfila Benefit will be September 30- from 5-8 at Dressler Road location.  Hope you can come!

Also September is Chiari Awareness Month!  Help me spread the word about this disease.  We desperately need more research and more health care professionals to understand it!

Thanks for continued Prayers!


  1. Hey Melinda,
    I would like to participate in the Chick-Fil-A fundraiser. Did you mean to post the 13th of September?
    Also, if she is having all of this pain and behavioral issues, why are the waiting the full 3 months? Do they believe that she still needs to heal more on the inside before they can make an accurate conclusion that the surgery was a success?
    Thanks for keeping us all updated on your sweet lady. You all are still in our prayers.

  2. Nope it is the 30th. OOPs. Thanks for catching.

    No they are doing the MRI and blood work now. They are worried about an infection. We go back to the neurosurg. in 3 months. Sorry that was not clear. Probably because I need sleep! :) Thanks for prayers!

  3. Melinda, You are absolutely my best friend ever. I don't even care that this has nothing to do with anything, other than I love you. *hugs*

  4. Will they do the tests locally? If we can get in and out of Chick Fil A and to the read through on time, we will be there!!