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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another MRI

So we spent the day at Children's Hospital.  Brooke had to have another MRI.  We have never done an MRI at Children's and wow what an experience.  I know people really love this hospital, and I know they do some great work there, what a day!  Probably one of the worst MRI experiences we have had.

As soon as they took us back to the room Brooke wrapped her legs around the stroller sides.  She started screaming.  It took me and a nurse to pry her from the stroller.  This was at 11:35.  At 11:45 they realized they were going to need to give her some versade (sp.?) to settle her down.  So that then took me and 2 nurses to hold her down while another put the meds in her mouth.  Which she quickly spit out.  She did manage to keep some down.  Then they had us go sit in a waiting room until 1:15.  By this time the meds had started to wear off. So she fought while getting back into bed.  The nurses (who I must say were very nice)  told me to read her a story while they drew blood and put in the IV.  I told them to just take the book, because they would need me to hold her down.  I do not think they believed me.  So they told her they were going to wrap her up like a burrito.  She wiggled loose of that in a matter of moments.  So myself and another nurse held her down, while 2 other nurses put in the IV.  They then commented on how strong she was.

After this they had go back to the MRI room.  Before she was even asleep, they tried to put on the blood pressure cuff, heart monitors and pulse ox.  Again more kicking and screaming.  Finally they put the poor girl to sleep!  Can I just say every other time she has an MRI I hold her down while they quickly put a mask on her.  She is asleep in a few moments and then they attach everything and run the IV line.  So much less traumatic!

Two hours later the procedure was done.  Now we just have to wait.  I do have to say I am even more thankful for Dr. B and all his staff!  Had this been my experience in NY I might have run away screaming.  It is never easy to see your child upset but when it is drawn out over several becomes almost unbearable!  But she is home and playing Polly's while watching Christmas movies.


  1. Melinda, Oh I have some stories about that hospital! So glad she made it through and you too. Did anyone read it today? LOVE to you all tonight.

  2. No I might find something out tomorrow but more than likely not until Dr. B sees it. So we wait. Love to all you too!

  3. We had one amazingly good experience there and one not so great experience there. If Ethan hadn't been such a compliant little guy, things would have been so much worse! When he had his CT scan, the boy next to us reacted much the same way you described Brooke. It must break your heart every time. Hugs and prayers for your whole family!