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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I can't say how many times I have been inspired by a person with Chiari!  One example is my amazing friend Nicole.  She suffers each day with Chiari and has 3 children who also have it.  She is always trying to better their health and make life a little easier.  While doing all this she counsels people like me who call her with endless questions.  Another is Julie Carter who helped and counseled people out of an old chicken coop.  You may have seen her story on Extreme Makeover.  She too has 3 children with Chiari.  Both these ladies continue to be an inspiration to me.

Just a few short days ago people gathered all over the US for a walk to help teach others about Chiari and raise money for research.  I wanted so bad to go to the walk in Toledo, but with Brooke it was to much this year.  Shortly before the walk 2 women with Chiari earned their angel wings.  I did not know either ladies, but my heart breaks for their families.  I pray that both families are comforted by God's love during this time.  I have put a link below for one of the ladies.  This just shows that more research needs to be done!  So many people still think there is a quick fix.  For some there is, but for many this is a lifelong battle.

Amy's Story 

I am reminded that our stay here is short and undetermined.  It is so important to enjoy each moment and hold loosely to things of this earth.  I was struggling for the past 2 days over my nursery bedding set.  Part of me wanted to let it go the other wanted to cling tightly to it because it reminded me of the joy I felt when I found out I was going to be a mom.  I wanted to pass that joy on to someone, but I was also wanting to be selfish.  I finally posted on facebook that I was getting rid of it.  I was still a little sad, then I heard about these women.  Ugh talk about a slap in the face!  Silly bedding!  I mean really it is the memory not a piece of quilt.  Make the most of your day, and kiss those babies! (Even if they are 25!)

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