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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hero of the Month

Yesterday a package arrived by mail.  A fun package.  I always loved the fun packages as a kid.  When Brooke opened it up, we discovered that she was North Shore Hospital's Hero of the Month for September!  This is a program sponsored by Children's Wish Network.  She was sent a t-shirt, certificate, medal, and gift card.  But more important than all that was the letter.  The encouraging words.  Our little lady was inspiring others!  I was so proud, and even more blessed.

As a family, we have been showered with fun little packages.  Some are just little notes of encouragement here and there.  Some have been financial help and wonderful meals.  All are appreciated.  One thing I have discovered though is I am not as quick to get my thank you notes out.  Please know my heart, I think of everyone who helps with kindness and love.  I pray for each of you.  And some day you will get a card of thanks!  You are our families heroes!

I want to thank so many of you for coming to the Chickfila Benefit.  What a great turnout!  Brooke loved seeing so many of you!  She actually did very well for the first part.  She wore out towards the end, and seeing the cow sent her over the edge.  Thank goodness Dad arrived to save her and take her home.  Brooke loves her daddy and he jumps in to be her hero all the time!

We really loved seeing you all.  What you all did will help in so many ways.  I have to practice deep breathing as I open each medical bill that comes in.  I know that it will be ok, and trust that God is showing our family that money is not a cure for anything.  I was quickly brought to this realization just the other day.  Some amazing people I know went on a mission trip to Haiti.  One of my friends was sharing stories with me about hospital care in Haiti.  I cringed thinking about any child not having the proper care they needed.  To not even have food provided, everything needing to be brought in by the family.  I thought of all the things we take for granted and how fortunate our children are.  To all those who are missionaries, I pray blessings on you!  You all deserve the Hero of the Month Award!

Another little lady that deserves this award is Brooke's new little friend, Danica.  She also has Chiari.  She went for her second surgery yesterday.  This brave little hero is now trying to fight a very tough battle.  Brooke sat at the kitchen table praying for her yesterday.  She prayed a prayer only a person who understands what Chiari is all about could pray.  I listened as she asked God to protect her friend.  These 2 little ladies can be heroes to one another!

We are surrounded by heroes everyday.  Most of the time, we never tell them thank you or even acknowledge their efforts.    But I encourage you to find just one hero tomorrow and thank them.  What would we do without the Heroes of the Month!


  1. Melinda,
    Congrats on Brooke receiveing this wonderful award! Im not a bit surprised! I couldn't think of a more deserving girl. Well, maybe just one, and that would be her mommy. You are a true hero Melinda!! You have been through so much yet you hold your head high and keep a positvie outlook. You post the most amazing blog & I look so forward to reading it. I only follow two blogs & the other has become a well known, highly followed site, yet I look just as forward as to reading yours. Please know even though we don't live that close & haven't been able to make it to your benefits, you do have our prayers everyday. We love you & your family so very much. I'm choosing you for my Hero Award of the day. You are a true inspriation to me & my family. I believe God has blessed you with this family because he knew you could handle it & because he trusted you with the care of this little girl & knew you would do so much better than most making people more aware of this Disease. Keep up the good work!

  2. Court,
    This coming from the mom who nearly lost her son and daughter had major surgery this summer too! You are my hero!!! You to are my inspiration and I feel blessed we are friends, even though you used to be mean to me! :) I am glad you look forward to the blog post. Sometimes I feel like I am just writing for myself. Which is ok, because it is therapeutic. Miss you all!!!

  3. Hey now! I wasn't "mean" to you, I was just misunderstood LOL!! You amazed me back then too & I just didn't know how to express it in proper manner. Thanks so much for the good laugh today. We miss you guys deeply!! Let us know when we can plan another get together. Love ya!

  4. We would love to get together. Just email me some dates that are good for you!

    I love those memories! They make me smile and feel super young and cute! LOL!