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Friday, August 20, 2010


Must be tired, could not think of a fun title.  We went back to doctor this morning because there was more fluid around incision.  It may have to be drained again on Monday, but he wants her on the antiobiotic for awhile.  But tonight she started running a temp of 101.  So I had to call him.  Plus Brooke now has some UTI symptoms.  I am waiting for his call back. 

I thank you all for continued prayers.  I have yet another pray request.  Found out today my husbands grandma is in the hospital back in Ohio.  Her kidneys shut down once and may do so again.  She is very ill.  The kids are very close to her, and I am guardian for her daughter.  I can't be there for Granny or to explain to Amy, her daughter.  I am just praying that she will be ok.  I know I ask for many prayers, but I know I have some awesome people out there with an inline. :)  Thanks to all!!!

Short Post!  Gonna wait for the docs call!


  1. we can't pray your specific requests unless you tell us! so please never feel guilty about that. looking forward to an update!

  2. You are not forgotten, and He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all we could ask or think! Praying faithfully for every detail. LOVE. Monica