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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Passing the Time

My mom and I were driving to the grocery today, and she said "Oh good it is already 3PM."  I laughed because we are actually wanting the days to pass quickly, as opposed to at home when we want more hours in the day.  But time really does pass quickly no matter where you are.  I am trying hard to enjoy every moment here.  Watching Brooke and Chandler form a special little bond.  Her calling "Mr Chandler" and him just laughing at her.  Seeing Chandler learn to sit up and watch what is going on around him.  Brooke putting together a 50 piece princess puzzle with very little help.  Doing a million loads of laundry because chndler peed on me, then the next outfit he pooped on me, then he pooped all over himself, and my mom and I just laughing at it all.

So even though the time is passing slower than normal and we are missing the ones we love in Ohio, trying to find Joy in each moment. 

Brooke is doing good.  She is on 2 antiobiotics now.  The swelling in her head is still there.  Afternoons and evening are the hardest because she is tired and cranky.  Just to clarify she is out of the hospital.  We are all staying at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island.  Hoping Monday is the day for staples to come out.  If not I may kidnap doctor and medical staff and bring that back to Ohio with us.  Just Kidding.  But I am saying we will be leaving, even if I have to turn around in 2 days and come back.  Really want to see Tim and Aidan. 

Thanks again for prayers and amazing friendships.

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  1. Glad to hear you spirits are up & Brooke is feeling good! You always have been able to make any situation the best it could be! Still praying for you all!! Even though Brooke is not in the hospital the RM house is not home!!! And I'm sure it still has that medical feeling which is never comfortable!! You will come home on Monday with the staples out!!! I have full faith in that!! Sending lots of love!