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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Quick Update...

I would love to sit and write a book about the wonderful time we had in Colorado.  How my parents blessed us with this trip, and how I was able to spend time with my Grandma.  In the next few days I will find time to reflect on all this and write it down!  For now I wanted to give a quick update on our school decisions.  You know how sometimes you think you have it all figured out....I mean it seems so clear any other decision seems insane?  Well that is how we felt about the kids attending school this year.  We felt like it was time, and we had some pretty good confirmation that it was a sound decision.  Several things have happened over the past few weeks making it very clear school was not an option right now.  Many things I can't share here.  But in my heart I knew this was not going to work.  One of the main reasons was the kids health.  Brooke does well but still wears out very fast.  I was worried about a whole day of school.  Aidan is having headaches every day now.  He is struggling with subluxations and dislocations of his shoulder and hip. This makes any kind of rough housing painful. And being a boy trying to stay clear of this is hard. I found a great online program that my mom is going to help me with.  And who knows what the future will bring!  Always an adventure!

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