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Saturday, August 31, 2013

All I can do is say thank you....

My post the other day was a little doom and gloom.  Sorry about that!  Had a rough couple of days.  Back t normal again!  I did receive some really awesome messages from friends.  Apparently I had a few people worried!  But it is always nice to hear from people.  And one of the messages was so special to me.  It was from a lady who inspires me very much.  Her and her husband have been through so much physically.  And yet every time I see them they have a smile on their face.  They are always the first to help out and volunteer their time for various things.  They have so much love and share it.  The other day, she shared it with me.

The story she told me was about walls.  Sometimes we think of walls in a negative way.  We think of needing to find a way over walls when life gets tough.  Or we think of crumbling walls either literally or figuratively.  But as she reminded me, walls are also a source of protection.  She reminded me how so many pray for our fam, and how we have walls of love and protection built around us.  What a beautiful reminder of how community works!  Over the past couple of days I have taken so much comfort in knowing those walls of prayer and love have been built around us.

Another wonderful friend wrote a little note reminding me of finding things to bring me joy.  One of those she mentioned was music.  Now I love me some music!  Sometimes I do not get to listen to my 80 hair bands like I would like.  But I do listen to some jazz and country in the car.  Today I flipped on the Fish to hear some inspirational music and heard "All I Can Do(Thank You)" by Mikeschair.  It reminded me I do not even deserve this awesome life I have been given.  It is all Grace, and I need to remember to be thankful oh so thankful for that!  It is soooo good to have those around us who do not admonish us when we are down, but rally around us bringing hope, love, and a little bit of grace!  So blessed by that!

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