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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to the World Story

Today was another blessing as we celebrated Brooke's 7th Birthday!  It is so hard to believe!  When I look at her now, I do not just see my little baby girl.  She is getting so tall.  Her smile shows grown up teeth pushing the baby ones out of the way.  Even her spunky attitude has become...well...more!  Sometimes I wonder if we are running our own broadway production.  This year really has been a great year for her!  Brooke feels so much better.  She still struggles with headaches, but knows now to just chill when they come on.  She has other health issues that will be a lifelong battle, but she is strong and deals well with them.  This morning, like every Birthday morning, I relay her birth story.  I want all my kids to remember how special that day was in our lives!  She smiled as I started.  So here is Brooke's Welcome to the World Story.

I woke up on Sunday, January 29.  Brooke was not due until February 16.  But I felt funny that morning.  I did not feel like getting Aidan ready for church on my own.  And Tim was off to work already.  I called my parents.  They came over and took me to church with them.  I remember on the way we went over a set of railroad tracks...pure torture.  We headed to Bob Evans for a quick bite.  I remember I ordered the Spinach Strawberry Salad.  I kept thinking, "Eat as much as you can in case your labor is as long as Aidan's!"  My mom knew I was not doing well.  So they took me home, and took Aidan with them.  I tried to go lay in bed but kept getting up to walk around.  I was determined to not spend 26 hours in labor with this child!  And I was not going to spend all that time in the hospital.  So I kept eating, walking, and trying to take my mind off of it all.  But finally I told Tim we needed to go.

We arrived in ER and waited for them to transport me upstairs.  A sweet lady came over and squeezed my hand.  She said, "You will be alright!  This is normal."  I smiled up at her.  I was really bummed because my doc was on vacation.  Another doc was filling in who I did not know.  The nurse came in and informed me I was 7cm.  She said, "There is no time for an epidural."  I grabbed her hand and said, "Oh yes there is!  I need one!"  I guess I was adamant enough because they gave me one.  And it worked!  The on call doc was amazing!!  He even let me help deliver Brooke!  Thankfully my delivery with Brooke was at another hospital than Aidan.  It was much more private. It was only the doc, nurse, and Tim in the room.  From arrival at the hospital to delivery I am pretty sure only 4 or 5 hours passed.  Much different! 

My girl has not slowed down!  She still keeps me on my toes.  I am thankful to be her mama.  I am thankful to watch her grow into the lady she is.  Tonight Aidan asked if they could stay up late and play games.  Brooke chimes in, "You know it is my Birthday mom."  Yes it is!  Happy Birthday Bug!

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