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Monday, January 21, 2013


So sometimes we fail.  Sometimes life does not work exactly how we envision, and we have to start over.  I have found this many times in my life.  Starting out in 2013, I have found this over and over again.  I think I had big expectations for myself this year.  I was feeling pretty awesome, and thought "I think I will take on the world!" in a matter of speaking.  Sadly I must report my feelings of grandeur are fading fast....I am taking a step back and trying to figure out my place in 2013.  Let me explain....

One of the things I envisioned was this new wonderful world of multiple blogs.  Oh how wonderful it would be to have a blog for family, one for Brooke, and one where Aidan could take the lead.  It seemed perfect.  I am finding- it is impossible!  What was I thinking!!! I can barely keep up with one blog!  So completely ignore the last post on here.  Lovely Little Ladybug will stay the same.  We will add more family stuff, more chiari awareness info, and I am still dream of adding Chiari Interviews and awesome women tributes.  But it will all be collected on this site.  I am still helping Aidan with his blog.  Although complicated, he loves the idea.  So good-bye third blog!

Another thing I have been pondering is a job.  It has become quite clear that I need to find some kind of employment.  This becomes tricky with the kids at home, and hubby's crazy work schedule.  So of course my "creative" mind has taken me all over the map.  Mostly to unrealistic dream worlds, and now back to good old solid earth.  I am hoping to find something I can do from home.  I have been sewing away trying to open my Etsy shop.  So far I am still floundering to pull it all together but hopefully very soon. 

Honestly I think most people hit brick walls and need to find ways around them.  But for some it is way more interesting to run full force into the wall, and then try as hard as we can to climb the wall while wearing flippers.  What may you ask does this mean?  It means that some of us never really learn to slow down, ponder things, and then move forward.  I suppose there is always time to learn....maybe some day I will! :) 

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