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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Blogs!

The past few weeks, I have been setting up 2 new blogs.  This may seem crazy, and well I am a little crazy.  I was very attached to the Lovely Little Ladybug blog.  I really did not want to loose the name, or the idea behind it.  I started for educate on chiari, to share her story, and hopefully help a few people.  So this blog stays.  It will change a little though.  Our family has changed since this blog started.  We have found out that Aidan also has Chiari and also Ehlors Danlos.  I was also diagnosed with Ehlors Danlos.  We have found out we need to eat differently as a fam to help our various conditions.  This led me to creating a new blog that focused more on our fam.  But Aidan was feeling left out!  He wanted to blog too!  So we made him a blog.  Below is a run down of how all the blogs work! 

Lovely Little Ladybug:
**Will still give updates on Brooke.  Medically speaking she is doing fairly well.  But Chiari is something she will deal with all her life.
**Will provide interviews and info on Chiari.  As a family we want to educate people on Chiari.  We also want to share others stories.  Brooke will be interviewing a fellow Chiarian once a month.  She is so excited to start this! 
**There may be some other things we will add too.  Hope to add some Video Links, educational resources and some stories aimed at helping kids travel down this rough road. 

The Adventures of Bug Boy:
**Aidan will be posting recipes that we try as a fam.  He will critique the taste, ease of preparing, and maybe ways to spice up the recipe!
**Aidan will be posting recipes of his own creation!  Watch out food world!
**As you can tell from the title, Aidan loves BUGS!  He will be posting pics, and info on various bugs(insects) he discovers.
**Aidan has many passions and plans to use his blog to share them!  But he wants to hear from others too.  He is hoping to have some other kids guest blog.
Crazy Courageous Crowns:
**Our new family home.  Will post here about fam updates.
**Want this to be so much more than just us!  Excited to have guest bloggers, interviews with amazing women, and maybe some men too! ;)  Can't wait to hear so many new stories.
**We have found that our fam has to eat certain foods to help with our various health issues.  But one thing most know about our fam...we do not like boring food!!!  Excited to try some new recipes and adapt them to fit dietary needs.  Even more excited to share these with fams who may have the same needs.

Een though this may seem a bit crazy...we hope you will join us!  Pop over to Aidan's blog or the Fam Blog.  Add us to your google reader, or follow by email!  We hope you will be part of our journey!  

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