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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just Enough

It is funny how things happen, how they play out!  I am positively amazed at some things that have happened over the past few days, and with the chaos of moving have not been able to post.  Yesterday, my friend Monica posted this. I read it with tears streaming down my face, because I was right where she was!  The overwhelming thanks is hard to put into words, and yet I am moved and amazed by the sheer kindness of others!  These gifts have been Just Enough to get us through and we are grateful!  Let me tell you what just enough means to us!

I called to turn on our electric back home.  I found out it would be a significant amount that we did not have.  We figured that we would just eat cold meals for awhile.  I prayed though, and my dad called and said he would put just enough in our account to cover the cost of the electric.  So now we will have warm meals!!

I knew we needed a fridge and stove but knew we could not pay much.  But still I hoped.  My mom called and told us they were not using our old fridge and we could have it back!  Then a friend called and told me they had just replaced their stove the day before.  We could have their old one!!  It was gas, and we only have electric.  But another friend's husband can run a gas line for this stove!  So now we have both a fridge and a stove!  Just enough!

Tim was called in for an interview with a company in Cleveland.  We were excited, but I was nervous how we would pay for the gas for him to go.  The interview was scheduled for today.  I prayed on Monday night, "God even $40 would help."  Yesterday a friend brought me some mending to do.  She generously overpaid me with two $20's!  Just enough for gas!  I have also been praying because the diapers and pullups are getting low.  We use mostly cloth, but need the other for night.  Yesterday another friend came over with a huge bag of not only diaps but pullups!!!  More than enough!

I was grocery shopping last night.  We are getting some help for our food which is a huge blessing.  But we can't get help for personal care and paper items.  So I was walking through the store thinking about the reality of this.  We are low on TP and other things like deodrant.  As I was thinking of this, in the store, my phone rings.  Yet another wonderful friend was calling to tell me her and her mom were putting together a care basket for us of personal care items and some paper products!  So here I am in Kroger with yet another answered prayer.

We have been nervous about the move and the cost.  My parents are helping, and I am so thankful for all of their help.  But still there are things that come up that you never expect.  Plus I keep thinking about the appointments for Brooke, and gas to get to them.  Yesterday I was told that someone at church put money in the offering basket for our family!!!  This is a wonderful blessing to help when there just is not enough!

So this brings me to my last prayer request.  I have been sad because I knew I could not get the kids a birthday gift.  I told Aidan and Brooke.  They understood and are just excited to have friends over on Saturday.  Plus they are excited about the Wishes Can Happen Trip on Brooke's Birthday.  But Tim and I were still sad.  Today I get a card in the mail from a dear wonderful friend.  It had a gift card to Walmart.  I can go and get the kids something for their B-day!

I can't say enough how thankful I am to all who have blessed us.  I can not even find the words to say it most times.  I feel like I fail expressing how wonderful these blessings are to us!!!  But please know...We are so very thankful!  You have been a source of hope for us.  Every day can be a struggle for many of us.  We get up knowing we have to face another day of an uphill battle.  Whether we are fighting against health issues, job loss, overwhelming medical debt, unending phone calls from bill collectors, or something as simple as not knowing how you will buy toilet paper....there is HOPE!  There is always hope.  I do not try to understand why we face the things we face.  For me, it is just life.  Life is hard, life is messy.  But it is a blessing.  And each day I get up looking for the blessings.  We may just live as my friend says in her blog with Just Enough...and that is ok.  He provides, He loves, and He wipes away the tears and that is Just Enough for me!

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