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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Boy Named Aidan

I think it is hard to put into words how much you love your child.  I mean as a mom your heart is consumed by love and gratitude over holding that child.  When I found out I was pregnant the first time, I instantly fell in love.  Growing up, I used to dream about being a mommy.  I had my children named, and loved them before they were even created.  You may think, weird, but for me it was very normal.  My family always had so many children living with us since my parents fostered.  I became very used to having babies and kids around.  I loved helping my mom fold the little outfits, and get up for the late night feedings.  So when I saw that positive sign on that pregnancy heart filled to capacity!
Aidan at Air Force Academy

Aidan's version of a Geico Commercial

Aidan at one of his fav places...Sippo Lake!

Tim and I talked a lot about what we would name this little bundle.  We had very different ideas!  My wonderful list of names went out the window as we tried to agree on a name.  For me it was about a name with significance, meaning.  For Tim, it was something he would be ok calling this child at 1 month, 10 years, and 30 years.  We agreed if it was a girl, Annaleise Katherine.  But we could not agree on a boy name, and wouldn't you was a boy!!!   Seeing my little man dance around on the ultrasound was amazing!!!  He was beautiful and wonderful!!  As we talked more, we landed on the name Aidan James.  Tim liked it for all of his reasons.  And I liked it because it was Irish. Was not sold on the  But it was the final decision.

Aidan singing a song form his fav movie Newsies

Mr Strong

So our wonderful little man was born on January 14, and joined our fam!!!  He instantly became the center of our world, and made us realize how special he truly was.  Our lives will never be the same!  When I first held him I prayed that God would lead him through life.  That He would walk by my son and guide me as a new mama.  That I would not wish for worldly glories for my child, but guide Aidan towards Him.  I am so proud of Aidan and all he has done!!  He rocks my world with his great big love and compassion towards others.  He opens my mind and heart by stating the obvious and challenging me to be a better person.  Aidan is on FIRE with love for others, and God.  I pray that his future is a reflection of the beautiful life he has already lived!
Posing as the Tin Man needing oil!

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