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Monday, June 3, 2013

Scarlet and Scout

I have waited a few weeks to write this post.  Honestly I figured most people would find me completely off my rocker.  But there is no denying it....we adopted 2 puppies!  Ok I will back up a bit and share their sweet story.  And give you a chance to fall in love with them too.

We had promised Brooke a puppy last summer.  Brooke has a terrible time sleeping.  Actually all my kids do.  Nights are hard in our house because we are all in pain.  We wake up a lot, and have a hard time falling asleep.  We thought a puppy would help Brooke to relax and sleep better.   First my health was bad, and then many other things happened.  We just were unable to make it possible.  Then in the Spring, my mom found these adorable bunnies for the kids.  Sadly Aidan and Chan had bad allergies with the bunnies around.  We found an awesome home for them, much to my relief.

The kids and I started talking about the puppy idea again.  I told them I just did not see how it would be possible.  We have to have a purebred hypo-allergenic dog because of Brooke and I.  Normally these dogs are pricey.  Plus most of these dogs need groomed regular basis.  None of this is in our very tight budget.  As we were talking we thought of our friend's dog.  She has a Chinese Crested.  These dogs are hypo-allergenic and do not need to be groomed.  But I figured they were pretty pricey.  I contacted my friend, and come to find out there are 2 kinds of Chinese Crested-hairless and powderpuff.  Neither shed nor need groomed.  The powderpuff kind is less expensive.

Well in one short friend had located a puppy!  She was a little 5-month old powderpuff.  We were super excited to go meet her.  My mom, the kids, and I took out on our little adventure.  When we got there we met our sweet girl but she had this extremely cute brother.  They were so attached to each other!  We just fell in love with both!  I mean how could you only leave with her? My heart was breaking for her little brother being left all alone!  I know ridiculous....but true.  I texted hubby.  I know when he read the text he laughed and shook his head.  But of course he responded with, "One why not two? :)"  The 2 sweeties rode on Brooke and Aidan's lap the whole way home.

We have just fallen in love with the puppies.  They have been little blessings to our family.  No maybe we did not need to take both, but Aidan and Brooke sleep with their pups every night.  Sure it is an extra expense, but the kids have given up much because of their illnesses.  This is something the can love and cherish.  These puppies will comfort them in the bad, sick times.  So no more waiting....May I introduce Scarlet and Scout!

Best Buddies: Aidan and Scout

Sweet Girls: Brooke and Scarlet

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  1. Oh they are so cute! The kids will enjoy them for a long time I'm sure. I really think having a beloved animal around when one is sick or down can help. Even if they can't help physically I think they help comfort and calm you.

    Glad you found some little puppies to add to your family.