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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

headed out

tomorrow we head out for new york.  aidan, brooke, and i all have appointments on friday.  i am going to make this post short and sweet because tonight i am struggling.  I know some have asked for prayer requests so just wanted to share.  thank you to all who are so faithful in loving on our fam!  it means so very much.

aidan- this will be the first time he sees dr b.  hoping to find out how to control his headaches and help him not hurt as much.

brooke- trying to find out if collar is still helping.  she has been having some choking episodes on food and liquid.  just checking to see if related to her chiari or not.

me- first time i will see dr for myself. i am really praying for some answers.  i have gone from bad to worse.  i am barely able to drive and most days am having a very hard time walking as my legs feel like they weigh 500  lbs.  My vision is very bad and am wearing my collar because of the excruciating pain in my head.  I figure he can tell me 3 things- bad(he can do nothing), good(we can try something new), bad(more surgery).  whatever he says i know this is the path chosen for me.  i will so my best to face with strength and grace.

thankfully my wonderful dad took off work and is driving us to ny. the way i feel tonight i would never have been able to drive tomorrow.  thank you for continued prayers for us all!  We are beyond blessed!

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