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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Let's Give Peace a Try

As I read the news reports telling us the last suspect in the terrorist attack on Boston was apprehended, I breathe a sigh of relief.  But honestly as many others are feeling, I am still sad. I struggle to understand how a heart can become so wicked.  How two young men could harbor such hate.  Did they need more love, more understanding, someone to reach out to them?  It makes me sad to think any human would feel taking another human life is valid, ok.  My mind trails off to other things that have happened over the past months.  Friends comments about the world becoming more evil.  People saying "How could this happen?"  And then I am reminded these things happen every day!  Every day there is heart ache and sadness.

I think for many we struggle with the attacks that have happened recently because they hit close to home.  It shakes us to think: "It could have been me!  It could have been my child!"  We wrestle with the idea our world may not be as safe as we thought.  Part of us want to shelter our children, hide away.  Some of us may use social media as a way to express our feelings.  Many may be outraged their was an attack on the USA. When I find myself thinking this way I want to slap my own face!  I want to knock some sense back into my mind.  Yes it is awful...but any less awful than the mom screaming as her child steps on a land mine? Any less awful than the 11 year old who is forced into the sex trade?  Any more awful than the cozy little babe growing in their mama and then being ripped out?  Any more awful than the homeless man who served our country and now lays shivering on a street corner?  Any more awful than living in a country where every day you have fear to walk out your front door?  That mama cradling her baby in the mine field is as much my sister as anyone. How can we forget they need us too? My heart aches....every moment of every day another soul is being tormented.

Now I know life should not be about dwelling on all the bad.  But shouldn't it be a little more on how we can lift others up?  Should we not be reminded this freedom we enjoy is a blessing?  I mean seriously taking a walk with your children should be a right for everyone.  Every child should feel love and warmth.  Children should be able to play ball without fear of losing a limb, or worse a life.  Young boys and girls should never ever have to live the hell of being a sex slave.  No babe should be called a babe by one mama and a mass of tissue by another.  Does this not make anyone else angry?  I hope so!  I pray so!  We are to have Hope, Joy, and Love.  But it should be something we share...spread...not hold on to for ourselves.  When I doubt this, when my heart longs comfort, I just look to all those who have denied it.  They are the ones who live life to the fullest along with those they comfort.

I pray this post makes people think...pause.  How can you help?  How can you bring hope, joy, and love to others?  Can you feed a hungry soldier?  Can you wipe the tears of a scared pregnant mama?  Can you pray desperately for war torn countries and their beautiful citizens?  Can you sponsor a child half way around the world?  Can you fight against human trafficking?  Can you be the light in the dark?  I hope as the headlines die down over Boston, Texas, and so many other tragedies  our hearts still burn for change. We can do something...we can remember.  We can find something we are passionate about and fight for it.  I pray we can deny ourselves to help our neighbor live.


  1. Such a post should be everywhere. I agree so much. Too often we all turn and try to forget or not see what evil there is everywhere. It is nothing new, just closer to home at times. I pray as well that we all open our eyes and see the horror that is everywhere, and that we all stop and find a way we can help!

    1. Thanks! It is easier sometimes to live on in our bubble. But I know that we are called to reach out to anyone we can. Form community even if only through prayer.